Tory health councillor congratulates Basildon Hospital

From councillor Shane Hebb, shadow portfolio holder for health and adult social care

Open Letter to Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital team

Dear Clare, and all staff at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital

Well done…

I had the greatest pleasure in reading your briefing note on the latest CQC report last night – and what a journey you have all been on over the past two years.

To take Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital from a non-performing hospital trust, to the first Trust to be taken out of the “Keogh 14” special measures group, shows just how serious you take the community you serve.

The fact that the Trust now has 7/8 ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ areas of service is a great indicator that things are getting better.

Under your watch, it appears we can rely on you doing the right things to make our hospital safe, caring, and effective in the treatment offered to users. Like many, we hope that the service and care only gets better as more time goes on.

Needless to say, there are people who remain sceptical of the service and the care that they do, have, or are likely to receive from the hospital. I don’t need to remind you of that; you know the history.

The people of Thurrock have high expectations – it is wonderful that things are turning around like we all hoped, but we are also thirsty to see the hospital’s performance sustained over the coming years.

As the saying goes – for every good experience we have, we may tell up to 3 people.

For every bad experience, we are guaranteed to tell 10.

Now that we have something so positive to talk about, I hope that we start to turn the 3 ‘good experience’ conversations into 10 ‘good’ conversations.

Perhaps that is the duty of all of us service users? Just as much as the hospital commits to improve its services, we need to commit to praising where praise is due, in addition to giving tough feedback when experiences are not as one of us expects.

Again, my sincerest congratulations to all of you. I hope that your ‘new chapter’ is full of success, and sustainable for years to come.

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