Saturday, February 24, 2024

Heart specialists at Basildon hospital jailed

FOUR heart specialists have been sent to jail for up to three years each after they were convicted of a £430,000 fraud against Basildon and Thurrock hospital.

Although employed by the trust, leading heart expert John Mulholland and three other clinical perfusionists routinely moonlighted as private contractors at other NHS hospitals at the same time.

Mulholland, 41, and co-conspirators Ann Clements, 51, Tom Cumberland, 42, and Martin Oliver, 37, found it so easy to make money that they referred to the hospital as "Bas Vegas" in emails rejoicing in the success of their swindle.

Mulholland was sentenced on Wednesday to three years in jail after being convicted of conspiracy to defraud in a trial that ended on 31 July. Clements, Cumberland and Oliver each got two years.

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