Saturday, March 2, 2024

Eighty year old blogger puts name forward for Ukip in Ockendon

AN OCTOGENARIAN blogger has put his name forward as the Ukip candidate for Ockendon in the May local elections in Thurrock.

Peter Perrin has developed a reputation in the Thurrock political community as a "critical friend" of the establishment.

The military veteran was a card carrying member of the Labour Party and a campaigner for the red rose for many decades but has recently become estranged from the party.

Selection for the ward will take place later in the month.

Mr Perrin explained his reasons.

"Why did I make the decision to become a member of UKIP? There are some issues which I find myself entirely in agreement with, such as controlling immigration from EU countries and honouring the Military Covenant. I have reservations about some other issues. However, if I were asked to give just one reason for joining UKIP it would be;

The United Kingdom {Great Britain] has fought two world wars, WW1&WW2, defending sovereignty and independence. Millions of military personnel died fighting for that cause and millions of civilians were killed as a result of both conflicts, and no one should question their belief in the rightness of the cause. We are now surrendering our sovereignty and independence to government from Brussels, and having faced the threat of invasion by Nazi Germany during WW2, we now capitulate to an invasion of EU immigrants without so much as a whimper. I firmly believe politicians have betrayed those who paid the ultimate price; they must be turning in their graves.

By joining UKIP I become a member of a Party that is dedicated to restoring back to the UK the right to govern itself and take pride in its independence. At the very least I owe it to all those who fought in WW1&WW2, and in more recent conflicts, to defend the principles they died defending.

We have an annual event in this country “The Last Night of the Proms” at which the audience sings patriotic songs such as “Rule Britannia” are they racists? To say they are racists is absurd just as it would be absurd to suggest they must all be members of UKIP.


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