Tuesday, September 27, 2022

It’s a hashtag! Basildon Hospital maternity host successful tweetathon

SOCIAL media users were treated to a unique insight into the inner working of a maternity department during Basildon University Hospital’s most recent tweetathon.

It took place on Tuesday 28 April, between 8am and 5.30pm, with staff tweeting regular updates about events, facts and figures within the department.

It allowed the public a glimpse of the work going on behind-the-scenes in our maternity department, which was the first in the country to receive an ‘outstanding’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Jennie Ponting, head of midwifery, said: “We were really pleased with how the day went. It was nice to see so many kind comments on social media about our services and great to answer people’s questions directly, in real time. The aim of the day was to raise awareness and build confidence in our services and we hope we gave people a better understanding of the work we do here.”

There were 87 tweets sent in total. Here is a selection of some of them:

8.06am: Each month around 370 babies are born @BasildonHosp including 15 at home #BasildonHospmaternity

8.25am: Wonderful team of 320 maternity staff care for women in pregnancy, labour and beyond #BasildonHospmaternity

8.37am: Lesley Overy, maternity matron – being a midwife is a vocation, a way of life, not just a job #BasildonHospmaternity

8.49am: It takes 3 years to train to be a midwife and includes time at university, in hospital and in the community #BasildonHospmaternity

9.02am: Laura Hardy, student midwife – the best thing is supporting couples through transition to becoming a family #BasildonHospmaternity

10.34am: Ms Bagtharia consultant obstetrician and theatre team just performed c.section mum & baby well #BasildonHospmaternity

10.37am: Each year @BasildonHosp around 11% births are planned caesareans and 15% are emergency caesareans #BasildonHospmaternity

11.20am: Baby Harper born at 2am this morning weighing 5lbs 8oz following a normal delivery #BasildonHospmaternity

11.29am: Harper’s mum Tyra said the midwives @basildonhosp were brilliant. She is looking forward to going home soon #BasildonHospmaternity

11.32am: Friend and birth partner Mikala shared the experience. Tyra said ‘she’s been with me all the way’. #BasildonHospmaternity

11.43am: Our Willow ward midwife-led birthing unit supports around 100 women each month to give birth #BasildonHospmaternity

12.22pm: Roxanne Willis, mat care asst on Willow says the best part of her job is working in a team #BasildonHospmaternity

12.56am: Claire Turner gave birth to Josie-Rose weighing 7lb 14oz on Friday #BasildonHospmaternity

1.08pm: Since starting our maternity marathon at 8am we’ve delivered 1 baby with 7 women in labour and 2 soon to be! #BasildonHospmaternity

1.26pm: Jane Carter, antenatal clinic manager, speaks to a mum-to-be about choices for delivery #BasildonHospmaternity

1.36pm: 2 routine ultrasound scans offered. A screening scan at 12-14 weeks & detailed scan at 18-21 to assess baby #BasildonHospmaternity

1.46pm: A team of 7 midwives care for 35 women each day in our Mulberry Assessment Centre #BasildonHospmaternity

2.19pm: You can contact our Birth Afterthoughts midwife at birthafterthoughts@btuh.nhs.uk #BasildonHospmaternity

2.28pm: There are many benefits to contacting a midwife early in pregnancy, email Maternity Direct maternity@btuh.nhs.uk #BasildonHospmaternity

2.40pm: We are proud that our maternity services are fully accredited Unicef Baby Friendly @Unicef_UK #BasildonHospmaternity

2.55pm: Specialist midwives Lisette and Geraldine run @feedingtogether see website and download app at feedingtogether.com

3.31pm: Each year more than 100 women in Basildon and Thurrock give birth at home with support from community midwives #basildonhospmaternity

3.34pm: 49 sets of twins were born at Basildon Hospital from April 2014 to March 2015 #BasildonHospmaternity

3.54pm: Community midwife Robie Tresidder has held one clinic, one booking and three visits today #BasildonHospmaternity

4.19pm: There are around 50 experienced staff in our NICU team #BasildonHospmaternity

4.38pm: Congratulations to Kelly and Martin on the birth of baby Scarlett, born yesterday #BasildonHospmaternity

4.47pm: Congratulations to Ricky and Victoria on the birth of baby Daisy at 2pm today, weighing 9lb 8oz #BasildonHospmaternity


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