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Women who give birth at Basildon Hospital get the best care available says report

WOMEN who give birth at Basildon University Hospital are getting some of the best care available in the NHS according to a survey published today.

The report by the Care Quality Commission compares the standard of care received by mums at NHS hospitals before, during and after pregnancy.

Basildon University Hospital, whose maternity unit was the first in the country to be rated ‘outstanding’, continued to show improvement in most areas compared to the previous survey in 2013.

Performance in important areas such as women feeling listened to; feeling able to raise concerns during labour; being treated with dignity and respect; having their decisions about how to feed baby respected and being given a telephone number to contact a midwife after birth, were all close to the highest scoring hospitals.

Other areas where the hospital performed well included women feeling:

 Their birthing partners were involved in their care during labour and birth and they were able to be involved as much as they wanted

 They were spoken to in a way they could understand during their labour and birth

 Midwives caring for them were aware of her medical history and the baby’s

 Midwives always listened to them

 They were given enough information about any emotional changes they might

experience after birth

Jennifer Ponting, head of nursing, midwifery and quality, said: “We take great pride in the way we care for our mums, their babies and their partners. It’s pleasing to see that they think highly of the service we deliver.

“We have improved since the last CQC maternity survey two years ago and were delighted that in June 2014 we became the first maternity unit in the NHS to receive an ‘outstanding’ rating. Since then we have continued to make progress for example we received UNICEF baby friendly accreditation for our approach to breastfeeding.

“We know that mums-to-be want to be well prepared for their birth, they want to be listened to, given information and advice, treated with dignity and respect and then supported after birth. This survey shows we’re delivering a good service in all of these areas.”

Danielle Adams gave birth to Lettie Judd on December 9 at 7.25pm. Lettie, who weighed 8lb 5oz, was a water birth. Danielle, from Basildon, said: “I wanted a water birth because that is what I had here with my one-year-old son and it was a good experience. This time it was so relaxing and the midwives have been great, really supportive. I’ve been really pleased with the care I’ve received.”


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