New procedure for prostate patients at Basildon Hospital

PROSTATE cancer patients will receive better, faster care thanks to a new biopsy procedure that has launched at Basildon University Hospital.

New £80,000 equipment allows surgeons to perform a template prostate biopsy, which produces clearer, more detailed biopsy results. It also means instead of an inpatient stay in hospital, the procedure can be carried out as a day case and the patient can go home more quickly.

Mr Naeem Sheikh, consultant urological surgeon, joined the Trust in April and brought his expertise and knowledge from his previous hospital, Sunderland, which is a cancer centre.

He said: “We know that this new procedure produces more accurate results and is able to identify cancer where the previous technique might not. This means patients can receive the most appropriate treatment more quickly, improving their chances of survival.”

The minimally invasive procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic, where a single needle makes several punctures, to help map the entire prostate.

Previously, patients would have been referred to Southend or a London hospital for a template prostate biopsy.

Mr Sheikh added: “I’m very pleased to be able to carry on using this technique at Basildon Hospital, which is much more accurate at identifying prostate cancer. And I’m pleased that patients are getting a more detailed biopsy, quicker and closer to home.”

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