Thursday, July 25, 2024

Waiting times for Accident and Emergency at Basildon Hospital revealed

A PAGE ON THE Basildon Hospital website allows you to see how long you may expect to wait at certain departments in the hospital.

All during today (Jan 7th), we will let you know what the stats are for the hospital that is having to cope with considerable demand this winter.

At 0700 hrs the average waiting time at A and E was 3hrs and 35 mins.

At 0800 hrs, the average waiting time at A and E was 3hrs 48mins.

At 0930 hrs: 3 hrs 38 mins

At 1150 hrs: 3hrs 32 mins

At 1406 hrs: 2hrs 52 mins

At 1625 hrs: 3 hrs 16 mins

At 1809 hrs: 4hrs 06 mins

At 2248 hrs: 3 hrs 36 mins

You can find the page on


  1. Where is this comes from ? My friend is waiting since 12.35 and its 6.35pm now ….no doctor has seen her…


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