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Hardie Park praised by Rotary Club of Thames Gateway

THE Rotary Club of Thurrock Gateway were welcomed by The Friends of Hardie Park on Friday (18th March 2016) as President Frank Claydon and Stephanie Lakin from the club presented Rob Groves with a cheque for £250 towards the purchase of tables for the cafe, which is due to open in less than two weeks!

The visit by Rotary to the building was their first and both Frank and Stephanie were thoroughly impressed with the entire project and were excited to have contributed to the work.

Rob Groves also announced how absolutely thrilled "The Friends of Hardie Park" are as they have just been awarded £10,000 funding from Tesco!

Locals all went out and voted for them in-store and they came 2nd out of the 3 projects – SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ONE AND ALL! Rob also send out congratulations to the other two projects.


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