Saturday, May 25, 2024

Changes to parking at Orsett Hospital

WORK is currently taking place to install a new car park barrier and payment system at Orsett Hospital. When the new barriers become operational, on Tuesday 19 April, this will change the way that patients and visitors pay for parking.

The new barriers will work on number plate recognition. Once the new barriers are installed the number plate recognition system will log the vehicle registration number on entry and raise the barrier to allow the vehicle to enter the car park.

Patients and visitors will need to go to the payment machine before returning to their car, and enter their vehicle registration number. The payment system will then ask for the appropriate charge, which can be paid by cash or by credit/debit card (including contactless). When they drive out the exit system will recognise that payment has been made and raise the barrier.

Zoe Asensio-Sanchez, director of environment and infrastructure, said: “To improve the experience of our patients and visitors when they park at our hospitals we are upgrading the ageing barrier and payment systems at Orsett and Basildon Hospitals. The work will be completed at Orsett Hospital first, with the system at Basildon Hospital replaced a few weeks later. The new barriers will be more reliable and the replacement pay machines will offer more payment options including paying by credit / debit card.”


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