Over 10,000 sign petition over concerns for A and E Department at Basildon Hospital

A PETITION against any possible move of Southend’s accident and emergency department to Basildon Hospital has reached over 10,000 signatures.With concerns for Chelmsford’s A and E department as well, there are concerns thata vast swathe of Essex will be dependent on just the one casualty department.One of the main problems again is staffing. Hospital chiefs claim that they do not have enough consultants and so it may be more manageable to have just one instead of three.The petition reads:”It is proposed to move Southends A & E Dept to Basildon Hospital.”This will mean extended drive times as it is about 18 Miles on the shortest route, with traffic on an already overloaded road system even an ambulance with blue lights and siren could take upwards of 30 / 40 minutes for the journey”.As of October 3rd, the petition had gained 10,528 signatures.

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