Basildon Hospital nets over £1.7 million from parking charges

BASILDON hospital has earned over £1.7 million from parking charges and fines.

In the 2015/2016 financial year, Basildon Hospital earned £1.78 million.

At Basildon Hospital, a stay of up to two hours costs £3 and goes up to £10 for more than six hours. A concessionary rate of £10.60 per month is offered to regular visitors.

A spokesman for the Basildon and Thurrock Hospital said: We offer free parking for the first 30 minutes, and for blue badge holders and volunteers. Parking is also free of charge for the next of kin of a patient on an end of life care pathway.

There is a concessionary parking rate of £10.60 per month to assist patients, relatives and carers who visit our hospitals regularly and frequently. For example a patient who has to attend two or more outpatient appointments per week e.g. cancer and haematology patients, or a relative of a patient staying in hospital longer than two weeks.

We have always taken the view that our car parking facilities have to pay for themselves, and not draw on funding for clinical services. The income we receive from parking charges is used for the running and maintenance of the car parks, pay stations and barriers, and for car park attendant staff. Any additional money goes towards patient care.

“In 2015/16, it cost £1.35million to run and maintain the car parks at Basildon Hospital, Orsett Hospital and the St Andrew Centre in Billericay. In 2015/16 the Trust received £1.78million from car park charges”.

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