Monday, May 27, 2024

Wednesday traffic and travel: Speed limit on Dartford Crossing

1730 hrs

A13 Essex – Very slow traffic on A13 westbound in Baker Street around Tilbury, because of an accident.

1530 hrs

Speed limit of 30MPH on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge due to strong winds.

0800 hrs

M25 Greater London – Queuing traffic on M25 anticlockwise after J28, A12 (Brook Street Roundabout), because of an accident earlier on. Congestion to J29, A127 (Romford).

A13 Essex – A13 Aveley Bypass partially blocked and queuing traffic London-bound between Lakeside and Wennington Interchange, because of an accident involving a lorry and a car.

A13 Essex – Slow traffic on A13 westbound in Grays at Lakeside, because of an accident.

M25 Kent – M25 lane closed on exit slip road and queuing traffic anticlockwise at J2, A2 (Darenth Interchange), because of a broken down van. Congestion to J3, M20 (Swanley Interchange).


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