Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dartford Crossing could close as Storm Doris looms

WE are being told to batten down the hatches as Storm Doris looms.

Winds in excess of 55mph are expected to hit the Essex area.

People are advised to plan ahead and check conditions before going out.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning, its second highest alert, urging people to be prepared for strong gales as Storm Doris passes through the region.

Widespread disruption is expected across much of Britain and Northern Ireland with East Anglia and southern Scotland likely to see some of the worst weather.

The forecasting agency has said damage to buildings, power outages and travel disruption could all occur because of Storm Doris, while there could also be a risk of flying debris causing injuries.

Drivers of high-sided vehicles, vehicles towing caravans and motorbikes are also advised to take extra care.

The weather warning, in force from 6am tomorrow until 8pm, did not include Suffolk or Essex when it was initially published yesterday but its scope was revised today to include the county.

A weather forecaster said it appeared there would be two peaks in the strength of the wind speed.

“We shouldn’t have much rain, maybe in the rush hour, but it is only going to be light rain,” he said. “The wind speed might be around 40-50mph and some isolated areas could get up to 60mph.

“Then winds will ease slightly around midday before, after midday, there could be a second peak when we get 50-60mph.

The storm is likely to bring sustained wind speeds of around 30-35mph as well as the stronger gusts and there was a risk of trees being blown over or loose property fittings becoming dislodged.

The winds would be caused by “a rapid, deepening low (pressure area)” – something forecasters called a ‘weather bomb’.

In the morning temperatures will nearer 10C (50F) first thing. At the end of the day it could be down to 4/5C (39/41F).

The wind chill factor could make outside temperatures feel close to freezing.


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