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Election storm as Jackie Doyle-Price confirms closure of Orsett hospital

Jackie DP

Jackie Doyle-Price confirms Orsett Hospital closure.

AT the Thurrock hustings last night (Monday), the Conservative candidate in Thurrock, Jackie Doyle-Price, said that it was good that hospitals could be sold off to housing developers and that this was the plan for Orsett Hospital.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “NHS trusts should be free to sell that land if they want” and went on to confirm “that’s exactly what’s going to happen with regard to Orsett Hospital.”

John Kent, Thurrock’s Labour candidate said “We finally have confirmation that this is what the Tories are planning for Orsett hospital. I think this is a huge mistake and will fight the closure.”

He continued “The problem is that this seems likely to be used as cover for pulling a lot of resources and services out of Thurrock. Does anyone really believe that once it is closed 100% of the Orsett Hospital budget will be used in Thurrock, for Thurrock?

“We need a better way than this. Rather than closing hospitals and seeing ever more services fail, Labour would commit to over £30 billion extra for the NHS – paid for by increasing income tax on just the highest 5% of earners – so that it is properly funded and can deliver for Thurrock.

“Rather than forcing hospitals to be sold off for housing, we will also boost capital funding for the NHS to ensure patients are cared for in buildings fit for the 21st century.

“Enough is enough. Thurrock can’t take any more of this Conservative Government.”

Back in February, the leader of Thurrock UKIP, cllr Graham Snell had expressed his concerns for the future of Orsett hospital after he revealed details of a briefing meeting with the health bosses. At the time, Basildon hospital said that the matter was still at “consultation stage”.

Go to 1hr 18min section of film were you can see all four candidates discuss the topic.


  1. Not politically biased, but if doesn’t take much to see through Teresa May, I had the good fortune to see Piers Morgan slating a conservative MP yesterday, the arrogance of the lady who would not answer a simple question, have armed police decreased in number since the Teresa May cull of 2010, she ignored the question to work on justifying what has been good.

    I cannot trust a lady who has made so many u-turns firstly as our home secretary and more so to Brexit, when she was a stay, but changed her spots, then she chose the time to get (as she thought) the jump on other parties by calling an election.

    Take into account recent atrocities and the fact that community policing lost in the May cull has allowed these fanatics to grow, as the intel is lost with no beat coppers. Despite the efforts to praise the efforts of our emergency services, I wonder just how many of these attacks would have happened with a strong community policing, the Tory austerity has caused so much suffering, so time for change.

    Locally we have some excellent local politicians and I think Doyle Price has served her purpose, her reporting the closure of Orsett Hospital has done for her.

    So get out and vote on Thursday and give back Thurrock to those that care.

  2. Totally agree. Talk to anyone who works at O.H. & they’ll tell you they’re working to, if not beyond, capacity. Just where are all these patients going to go? Please don’t say Basildon H. as they’re in permanent meltdown already.

  3. Dear sweet darling Jackie, no-one suggested that NHS estate shouldn’t be renewed so I don’t know why you brought that up (although Victorian workhouses sounds pretty advanced for a Tory-run country).

    You’re right that the NHS should be able to sell assets if it wants to but your party is supporting the proposals in the Naylor Report that is forcing NHS Trusts into selling assets that they may not want to so they can buy equipment.

    Sorry to upset you last night. I know that you’re not having a good time of it back at Conservative Campaign Headquarters what with your leader going AWOL along with Jeremy Hunt and some of the other heavy hitters.

    I know that I have ruled us out as a couple despite your attempts to woo me in the past but I’m OK with us having a drink on Thursday night.



  4. those tory scum are privatising the NHS off on the cheap to their tory friends who will in tern sell it off for a fat profit to foreign ownership.

    Those tories give Billions of money to bankers while cuting thurrocks services. we know who side the tories are on.

    JACKIE = Valen Nailed you good

  5. Jackie Doyle Price talks about living within our means and each year the conservatives give bankers BILLIONS. that’s what you do Jackie look after the Billionaires. their are loads in your constituency. TRAITOR.

  6. Catching the Bus – I don’t think using the expression “Valen Nailed you good” is a good choice of words. It’ll only remind Jackie what she’ll never get from me because I’ve already ruled that out so using that expression is a cruel thing to do.

    Sorry, Jackie, he didn’t mean to upset you.

  7. With regards to Orsett hospital.

    The Tories have been running the NHS down and making it look incompetent ever since the 1970’s.

    Why they run it down to justify privatising it is beyond me.

    just privatise it now Jackie Doyle Price will own shares and will make a killing.
    Nice little Earner for her.


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