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GE17: Candidates go head to head in General Election hustings

Hustings 2

THE FOUR candidates vying to be the next MP for Thurrock went head to head at a hustings in Thurrock on Monday night.

The traditional event was held at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Grays.

The two hour event went through a great variety of questions.

A film of the event can be seen below.

Gen Timings


5mins-Opening speeches

Submitted Questions

17mins: Difficult decisions

26 mins: Immigration

35 mins: Faith education

40 mins: Health

51 mins: Mental Health

59 mins: Air Quality (inc Thames Crossing)

67 mins: Open Questions-

67 mins: Ding what you believe in-Brexit

73 mins: Traveller Incursions

79 mins: Selling off the NHS (Orsett Hospital)


  1. Oh, you could feel the sexual tension between Jackie Doyle-Price and myself in the air. It was palpable. I have told her that we could never work out as a couple though. We’re just too different.

  2. 51 mins: Mental Health I note at the end a female member of the public said its not there.
    Jackie Doyle Price comment well I am just telling what our plan is and that’s the end.

    I will never forget that comment JDP heartless

  3. It’s a shame the piece I submitted on Tuesday about the hustings hasn’t been posted yet as it would show the answers that were given to the questions I posed in context especially the question on the Naylor Report and JD-P’s response to it.

  4. Yes it will of course be published after the election voting has finished. This goes to show YourThurrocks political bias. He told you twice yesterday it would be up.

  5. Interesting debate and I have to say that John Kent gave an honest and straightforward representation of himself. I am non party affiliated and have been carefully considering who to vote for today. My decision will be based on who I feel will do the best job for Thurrock as I feel the national platform is more confusing – we need pragmatic elected representatives who govern with an eye on the resources we can’t have all we desire it’s not possible.

    I did feel that Tim Aker took me back to my ‘groundhog’ day nightmare. We did sort out our NHS budgets so we could afford a primary care led hospital with continuing care facilities in central Grays. What happened to it? A centrally controlled NHS England stole our money brokered to balance the books overall in the East of England and we were given a walk in centre with facilities for some out of hospital treatments. Local NHS led with GPS and lay people involvement developed a strong plan for the future and the walk in seemed a sound first step…..we had training practices too! However it has all been lost and we are trying to be all things to all people again with four centres blah blah blah. It didn’t add up in 2007 and it doesn’t add up now. Leadership is doing what’s right and fighting to keep it do not let Orsett Hospital go it is one of our strategic care footholds!

    Off to vote soapbox moment over. Have a safe and pleasant day


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