GE17: Candidates go head to head in General Election hustings

Hustings 2

THE FOUR candidates vying to be the next MP for Thurrock went head to head at a hustings in Thurrock on Monday night.

The traditional event was held at St Peter and St Paul’s church in Grays.

The two hour event went through a great variety of questions.

A film of the event can be seen below.

Gen Timings


5mins-Opening speeches

Submitted Questions

17mins: Difficult decisions

26 mins: Immigration

35 mins: Faith education

40 mins: Health

51 mins: Mental Health

59 mins: Air Quality (inc Thames Crossing)

67 mins: Open Questions-

67 mins: Ding what you believe in-Brexit

73 mins: Traveller Incursions

79 mins: Selling off the NHS (Orsett Hospital)

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