Tuesday, June 18, 2024

“A nine-year-old boy nearly lost his life”. Is Basildon Hospital “lurching into crisis” again?

Bas Hosp

THE head of a health care watchdog has described a worrying series of events at Basildon Hospital to a committee at Thurrock Council last week.

Chief executive of Healthwatch, Kim James spoke to the Health and Well Being Committee.

As you can hear from the audio below, Ms James details a “big increase in complaints coming from Basildon Hospital.

“Some have been so serious that they should have been investigated but haven’t until we raised it.”

Ms James detailed complaints from wrong appointments being given, wrong letters being issued to really serious incidents. These included, according to Ms James, “a nine-year-old boy who nearly lost his life…he was in a London hospital on life support after being turned away from hospital on five occasions.

“That is being investigated.”

Ms James has indicated that the government inspectors CQC, may be visiting the hospital again.

The healthwatch chair does point out that many of the major “players” who turned the hospital around have been “pulled away to work on the success regime”.

Ms James comments and question from Thurrock councillors can be heard below


  1. Look on the bright side – it’ll be another hospital the Tories can close. I’m sure Jackie Doyle-Price has the demolition team standing by as we speak because she can’t wait to close Orsett Hospital either.


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