Thursday, June 20, 2024

Older patients enjoy music at Basildon Hospital

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OLDER patients have been enjoying music and poetry as part of a programme to improve their wellbeing.

The relaxed 20 minute sessions called music stimulation therapy (MST) have been taking place in the day room on Osler ward weekly. All patients who are mobile are invited to attend.

The idea came from Dr James Alegbeleye, consultant physician and geriatrician and the senior nurse team on the ward.

Dr Alegbeleye said: “The sessions allow people to socialise and the feedback we’ve had so far is that patients feel it has greatly improved their experience and shows them that people care.”

Evidence from researchers at the University of California, showed how listening to slow classical music, affects cognitive function.

Patient Dennis Tilbury really enjoyed his first music therapy session. He said: “You would be surprised how much of healing effect music can have. It’s so refreshing to have something like this in a hospital.”


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