Saturday, July 13, 2024

Breaking: All 17 UKIP councillors leave to form new party


THURROCK Independents, the new residents party in Thurrock, can announce that all 17 Councillors have resigned the UKIP Local Government Whip and joined the party. This makes Thurrock Independents the official opposition on Thurrock Council.

In a statement the Group Leader of Thurrock Independents, Cllr Graham Snell, said: “Thurrock Independents have the only councillors in Thurrock whose prime concern will be Thurrock residents. They are not compromised by a slavish attachment to a national party. The party will only be standing in local elections. Our entire group joined Thurrock Independents as we have had enough of the aggressive and bitter reality of party politics. Our councillors have won widespread admiration for their hard work even from residents across the political spectrum. We hope that these admirers will now be able to support Thurrock Independents. Our logo represents the ethos of our party; hard graft, working together towards common goals, sacrifice and the importance of the protection of our environment.

“Our mission is to maximise the quality of life of all Thurrock residents not gain power for power’s sake. We will fight for better council, health, and emergency services. We will demand a new benchmark in customer service from public bodies to ensure all residents are treated with respect. We will fight to protect Thurrock’s environment. We will pursue policies to maximise and prioritise the access that local people have to housing and jobs. The Thurrock Independents entirely reject traditional ‘Punch and Judy’ politics. We will respect our opponents at all times and will after the 2018 local elections be willing to cooperate with other Councillors who also adhere to this standard.

“Thurrock Independents opens its doors to all Thurrock residents. Whether you have voted Labour, Tory, Lib Dem, Green, UKIP or don’t normally vote, matters not. If you are committed to improving Thurrock for all then you can find a home in the Thurrock Independents.

If you wish to join us then please contact us at or 07397 638 923. We will be standing candidates in every ward during the 2018 local elections. We will give the residents that opportunity for real change.

If residents want change then they will have the chance to vote for the Thurrock Independents.”

Thurrock Independents Party has pledged to put up a full list of candidates (17) at the local elections in May.


  1. UKIP are in freefall. and not needed now we have brexit.
    United Kingdom incompetance party?

    Get your act together FAST or we will all vote Labour.

  2. This is bad. all those people who voted UKIP and now we have an undemocratic party.

    They have no mandate? we all voted UKIP and this is how those TRAITORS treat voters in Thurrock,.


  3. UK politics are in such a mess all round. There are no true statesmen (or women) anymore.
    All we get are leftie do gooders screwing it up left right and center or people who haven’t a clue voted for a numnut electorate.
    If a party came along that put Britain first and and stuck to a manifesto that was fair to the people I am sure it would have a landslide.
    I guess this is what UKIP set out to achieve but pushed the self destruct button along the way.
    But please – DON’T vote labour or we are all doomed.

  4. A polite request to Cllr Graham Snell, could you tell me your position on whether you and your colleagues will be standing down and fighting by-elections in Thurrock
    both you and your colleagues seem to be incompatible with your former group. Regarding Tim Aker it seems to me that he desires the salary he gets from being a UKIP MEP for the EU
    whilst being a Thurrock independent, for clarification does he belong to both groups. If so the EU money he gets from running his office in Thurrock should have nothing to do with the
    Thurrock independence group, what happens to the UKIP offices in grays town centre, which I assume are registered to UKIP, and also I presume the lease would belong to UKIP.
    Will you be getting new offices for your group, both you and Jack Duffin put forward a motion in Council concerning people leaving your group, which stated anybody leaving your group
    should face a by-election has your position changed if so why. It is my personal belief you have decided to jump ship concerning UKIP, just before it sank, in your statement to
    your- Thurrock you state that your new group will be fighting for the residents of Thurrock does that mean you wasn’t before, you also comment Thurrock Independents entirely reject traditional ‘Punch and Judy’ politics
    with all due respect UKIP are the party of ‘Punch and Judy’ politics with their leader Henry Bolton refusing to step down very much like you, I think it’s a fair comparison

  5. I agree with booboo. It does look like Tim Aker is remaining an MEP for the money, something I believe will spell the end of his career.
    TIM, do the honorable thing, step down and fight whatever election is needed and show us your not just in it for yourself. I think you will gain a lot of respect if you do.


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