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Thurrock Council’s Public Health team says switching to e-cigs could be a way to love your lungs!

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THURROCK Council’s Public Health team says switching to e-cigs could be a way to love your lungs!

A report last week from Public Health England (PHE) explained that the use of e-cigarettes or vaping is a safe way to give up smoking.

Cllr James Halden, Portfolio Holder for Health said: “Most people aren’t aware that e-cigarettes are much safer (95%) than smoking traditional tobacco.

“We know that smoking causes so many conditions, including stroke, heart disease, lung disease and even cancer. Every minute someone is admitted to hospital with a smoking related health problem.

“We are happy to support the correct use of e-cigs as a way to help people quit the habit once and for all. Thurrock has a high rate of lung disease, with smoking playing a big factor in this.

“Why not love your lungs and contact the service to see about support to stop smoking?”

Leanne from Grays, used the Council’s ‘Thurrock Healthy Lifestyles’ to help her give up smoking when she became pregnant, she said:

“I have previously tried to quit using the patches. I found this difficult and could never completely achieve giving up tobacco. The advice given to me about the e cigarette and how it was 95% safer than smoking tobacco made me feel confident to try it.

“It was good to talk to someone who understood the power of the addiction. I have completely given up tobacco and only used the e-cigarette for three months to help me to quit. Being pregnant, I feel happy that I have done the best I can for my baby. I generally feel healthier.”

Information about Thurrock Healthy Lifestyles is available here: thurrock.gov.uk/improving-your-health


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