Fire crews battle as lorry trailer alight in East Tilbury

FIRE Crews were called to the scene of a fire on a 40ft lorry trailer carrying crushed scrap cars.

On arrival at Cooper Shaw Road, West Tilbury, firefighters reported that the contents of the vehicle was alight and crews began firefighting efforts, firstly through the use of water and then through foam, which is used when water is ineffective.

At 7.40pm firefighters reported that although the fire had been brought under control they were having difficulties completely extinguishing it due to the contents and load.

The decision was made to move the container to a scrap yard in order to tip out the contents and fully extinguish the fire.

An engineer was called to assist with the move as the heat from the fire had caused the brakes of the lorry to lock.

At 8.45pm firefighters reported that the fire had reignited again and it was necessary to bring it back under control before the vehicle could be moved.

At 10.40pm firefighters confirmed that the contents of the lorry had been tipped into a scrapyard and the fire had been extinguished.

The cause of the fire has been recorded as accidental.

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