Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ockendon By-Election: Conservatives win by drawing lots after dead heat with Labour

Lots Vote

THE THURROCK CONSERVATIVES have gained Ockendon after a dead heat between them and Labour saw lots being drawn.

In a tense night, there had to be three recounts but with the votes tied, it came down to the drawing of lots.

Both parties gained 696 votes.

Under the electoral law, the returning officer, Lyn Carpenter, then drew lots.

The name of the Conservative candidate, Andrew Jeffries, came out.

Andrew Jeffries (The Conservative Party): 696

Les Strange (The Labour Party): 696

Allen Mayes (The Thurrock Independents): 531

Turnout: 25%
Total Votes: 1929
Majority: 1

CON: 36.2% (+7.8)
LAB: 36.2% (+11.2)
TI: 27.6% (+27.6)

Conservative GAIN from UKIP.

No UKIP (-46.5) as prev.
TI: Thurrock Independents.


  1. Drawing lots doesn’t seem very democratic to me. The whole by-election should have been run again until a candidate got a proper majority. And, before anyone says ‘you would say that because you’re a Labour voter and you didn’t get the result you wanted’, I would have said that if Labour had won the draw. I don’t give a toss who’s Ockendon’s councillor because it’s not my ward but I find that democracy isn’t best served by drawing lots to break a tied vote. Despite what the article above or electoral law (which seems to be very dodgy in this instance) state, there is not a majority of 1 because the number of votes for the Tory and Labour candidates were equal. Then again, with a turnout of only 25%, any result is a slap in the face for democracy as, once again, a minority of the electorate are deciding who’s in power which says a lot for the apathy of Ockendon’s residents.

  2. 25% turnout is pathetic.
    Its getting to the state, where we may have to make it a civil duty to vote.

    But what gets me the most is the majority don’t vote. But they will be first to complain on something on Twitter or Facebook.

  3. What do you expect when people have lost faith in British politics and politicians.
    You only have to look around and see the incompetence and corrupt practices, God knows we have enough in Thurrock.
    25%, think yourself lucky it will only get worse.


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