Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Save Orsett Hospital petition passes 3,500 signatures

Orsett Hospital

THE Thurrock Labour Party has revealed that their campaign to save Orsett Hospital has won massive support from across Thurrock. The latest count shows that around 3500 residents from all parts of our borough have signed Labour’s petition to keep Orsett Hospital open.

Labour’s opposition to the closure of Orsett Hospital has become a major battleground in the upcoming elections with many residents expressing concerns over the future of Thurrock’s NHS.

Ever since Jackie Doyle-Price, Thurrock’s Tory MP, publicly said that closing Orsett Hospital and selling its land to developers was the right thing to do the Thurrock Conservatives have been cheerleading the plan to close Orsett Hospital claims Labour.

The Conservative Councillor in charge of healthcare, James Halden, who is standing for re-election in the Homesteads ward, has repeatedly backed the plans to close Orsett Hospital. Cllr Halden has called those who want to keep Orsett Hospital open ‘very silly, referred to it as an ‘empty building’ despite over 20,000 patients using the hospital last year, and labelled those campaigning to save Orsett Hospital ‘disgraceful’.

Meanwhile, the Thurrock Labour Party has raised serious concerns about the future of Orsett Hospital’s minor injuries unit, and the potential loss of vital services including renal dialysis and bone and muscle care from Thurrock.

Speaking about the campaign to save Orsett Hospital, the leader of the Thurrock Labour Party, Cllr Oliver Gerrish, said “at a time when we have seen soaring waiting times, cancelled operations, and such extreme pressures at Basildon Hospital that vital services have suffered from unplanned closures, we do not believe that Thurrock’s NHS can afford to Orsett Hospital.”

“Unlike the Conservatives, Thurrock Labour will stand with local residents who want to see Orsett Hospital kept open. We are the only party fighting to save Orsett Hospital and our petition is really gathering pace with thousands of residents backing our campaign on the doorstep and online. Everyone in Thurrock who wants a Council that will stand up for our local NHS should vote Labour on Thursday 3 May.”

If you want to sign the petition to keep Orsett Hospital open you can add your name online at:


  1. Its all part of the grand plan to privatise the NHS so those who can pay the hikes in care fees can get a service those who cannot will DIE.

    Thatcher always wanted to get rid of the poor. Jackie Doyle Price has found a way to do it.

  2. Lets be fair here. In today’s world the scum are breeding to fast so we need to stop them using hospitals. Hopefully they will die out and we can get back a normal DECENT society.
    Thurrock is full of low life’s and the good nice people are being driven out. Close it down and lets all go private.
    This is Labour hypocrisy at it’s best.

  3. You are so wet CTB. You need to wake up to how things really are instead of cozying up with your Vicki Pollard girlfriend.
    Best you get out there and ‘hug a hoodie’ so you can change the world.

  4. I am not so wet but you are so dry and cold hearted.

    The real world is shit. but we can change it for the better.
    your kinds view is .
    its shit so lets make it shitter for the majority even more. while we make it even better for us 1%.

  5. Hug a Hoodie and save a hospital.
    God, them Greens have a strange perception of politics today.
    I have to ask, how do you think you can change things for the better CTB?

  6. 1. By Collecting the taxes due to us from Corporations and the 1% (no one dodges tax) Ban Tax Heavens.
    Put the money into the NHS and Social care.

    2. Get everyone working full employment everyone can contribute
    Put the money gained from taxation into education.

  7. Totally agree.
    No Hugging Hoodies though.
    Hard labour for drug dealers, knife crime, burglary and anyone who abuses pensioners.
    Bring back capital punishment for rape, murder and anyone who supports the Labour Party.


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