St Luke’s Shared Care Liver Project a cause for celebration

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IN October 2015 things could not have looked worst for John Moore, now age 73, as in his own words ‘’ alcohol took over and nearly cost me my life !’’

John, due to liver damage, had suffered a life threatening hemorrhage and was rushed into hospital. But with good care from doctors and nurses and the support and patience from his loving family, John somehow pulled through.

During his recovery John, through the Liver Nurses at Basildon Hospital, was introduced to the St. Luke’s Shared Care Liver Project, and then referred to St. Luke’s Day Hospice where he attended regular weekly sessions.

John explains ‘’St Luke’s Hospice literally saved my life and although I will never be completely healthy I consider myself to have been very fortunate in being referred to St. Luke’s, which has completely made me think differently about my life and the people I am lucky enough to share it with. I am now on a new journey of life: This summer I undertook a major project, which I had wanted to do for a long while but was not fit enough to see it through – to build a Summer House in my garden. It has taken me most of the summer and with a little help from friends I have now achieved that goal.

I could not have even thought of doing anything like this a few years ago. My wife, Christine, and I decided we wanted to give something back to help the Hospice and decided it would be fun to hold an official opening party and also celebrate my 3 years of surviving liver failure. We decided to ask friends, our neighbours in Langdon Hills, and family who came along to the party to make a donation to the Hospice.

We even invited one of the Nurses at the Hospice to ‘cut a ribbon’ and say a few words – I am delighted that we raised £204.51 for the Hospice, and want to thank my family friends and neighbors for helping raise this amount.’’

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