Thames Enterprise Park Ltd invests further £8.5m in next stage of land preparation for new superhub

THAMES Enterprise Park Ltd has today [4th Febuary 2019] announced a further £8.5m of investment to help transform the former Coryton Oil Refinery site into a new superhub, creating up to 4,500 jobs.

The multi-million investment is being used to fund essential land preparation work of 44 hectares of the 168 hectare site. The work is being undertaken by specialist remediation contractors DSM Demolition ( and will be focused on the ‘West Site’ which previously formed part of the historic Shell Haven Oil Refinery and the associated Coryton Village, before its closure and demolition in the 1990’s. This part of the site will be ready for development in 2020.

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In April 2017, a planning application for the work was approved by Thurrock Council and all work will be undertaken in close collaboration between Thames Enterprise Park Ltd, DSM Demolition, Thurrock Council and the Environment Agency (EA) and under a special permit issued by the EA. A stringent monitoring regime has already been agreed, covering matters such as noise, dust, vibrations and odour and monitoring will be in place throughout.

The work is due to be completed by the end of 2019 with 7 hectares of land safeguarded to provide an ecological enhanced corridor along the length of the Shell Haven Creek which will be enhanced to compensate for any loss of habitats within land to be remediated.

The planning application for the redevelopment of the whole of the site is currently with Thurrock Council and will be determined later this year.

Chris Brookhouse, Chief Executive of Thames Enterprise Park Ltd, said:
“This investment is an important step in the development of Thames Enterprise Park. Outline planning approval is expected to be received in the middle of 2019 for the entire site, and we expect to be on track to welcome our first operators on site in late 2020.”

The plans for Thames Enterprise Park comprise;
• A Food Hub bringing processing, packaging, storage and distribution. A range of innovative – warehouses is proposed with high levels of automation.

• An Energy Hub leading the way in the production of advanced forms of biofuel and renewable energy, the Energy Hub will provide modern space for innovative companies within the energy sector.

• A Sustainable Industries Hub, a focal point for small and medium sized businesses to research and develop new technologies and techniques for the energy and food logistics industries.

• An Amenity Hub. Centrally located, this will be a high-tech environment connecting business, community, education and research to ensure Thames Enterprise Park and Thurrock is at the cutting edge for decades to come. It would include cafes, a gym, a crèche and a mobility concierge service.

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