Paediatric team at Basildon Hospital win the Best Teaching Hospital Award

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Paediatric team at Basildon Hospital win the Best Teaching Hospital Award

BASILDON Hospital’s paediatric department has won Best Teaching Hospital at this year’s East of England Paediatrics Awards Night. The event which took place at the prestigious Frank Lee Centre, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge University Hospital on February 8 was a great success.

The Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTAs) were introduced for paediatric doctors and teams that go above and beyond the call of duty. Every year the East of England School of Paediatrics, host the PAFTAS award night to recognise significant contributions from individuals or Hospital Teams. They seek nominations for various awards from the different members of staff in the 16 Hospital Trusts in the East of England.

Basildon paediatrics team received the maximum number of nominations from trainees and won the Best Teaching Unit for Paediatrics. Individual consultant and trainee members also received various nominations. At the award ceremony the team were presented with the award by the Head of the School of Paediatrics for the East of England, Dr Wilf Kelsall.

Dr Himadri Chakraborty, consultant paediatrician at Basildon, who received the award as the Unit Training Director said,

“It has been a challenging two years for the team and I cannot thank my colleagues enough. Their dedication and hard work made this possible. We have been able to turn things around when things got tough. What matters most is the team winning, I feel proud to be a part of such a wonderful team.

“Our focus is to commit to providing best patient care and the best training for our future colleagues and consultants. By offering trainees the greatest training opportunities we are ensuring the future of paediatrics in the East of England is safe and in the best hands.”

The East of England PAFTA team said,

“The department is very supportive for middle grade and junior doctors. There is a dedicated teaching session at least twice per week. As it is a busy unit it provides a lot of opportunity for learning and seeing a wide spectrum of paediatric illnesses. The consultants are very supportive.”

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