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Basildon Hospital saved my family’s life

Basildon Hospital saved my family’s life

MOTHER of three, Kelly Knipes, praised her consultant and Basildon Hospital for saving her family’s lives and delivering great care.

From a young age Kelly battled with sleep behaviour disorders. She would walk out of her house, wander to the shops, place orders and purchase things online spending almost £3000. On one occasion, she burnt her mouth and arms in her sleep. Kelly has no recollection of any of these events, she even took an overdose once while pregnant. In addition her condition also meant that she suffered with chronic migraines which heavily impacted her day-to-day life.


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The neurologist Kelly was under performed several tests but found nothing suspicious. He referred her to respiratory consultant Dr Johnson Samuel, lead for the Sleep Service in Basildon Hospital. As this was a complex sleep disorder, Dr Samuel referred her for a full sleep study (polysomnogram) at Royal Brompton Hospital.

With the sleep study not suggesting a definitive diagnosis, Kelly wrote back to Dr Samuel asking for help. Dr Samuel brought her back to his sleep clinic and trialled her on a new device, which confirmed that her sleep was being disturbed with her brain waking on average up to 22 times an hour.

Dr Samuel suggested a trial of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device. This is a simple machine that pumps air through a mask that is worn at night. It is designed to keep the airway open while asleep.

Kelly Knipes said, “When I had the CPAP machine I felt rested and re-energized for the first time in ages. It really has given me my life back. Since starting CPAP, I have not had any abnormal sleep behaviours, have not shopped online at night, my headaches have ceased and I am not depressed.

“I’m so pleased with the way Basildon Hospital has cared for me and my children. If it wasn’t for Dr Samuel, I don’t know where I would be. All my children have been severely ill at some point in their life and Basildon Hospital has saved them on many occasions, I owe them so much.”

Consultant respiratory physician at Basildon Hospital, Dr Samuel said, “I am delighted that patients such as Kelly can significantly benefit from the treatment we offer in the Sleep & Ventilation Service. It is great to see Basildon Hospital making such a difference in the lives of families.”


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