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Patient praises Basildon hospital after eight stone weight loss

Patient praises Basildon hospital after eight stone weight loss

PATIENT, Anthony Leonard, has lost over 53kg in under a year with help and guidance from staff at Basildon Hospital.

63 year-old Anthony was admitted to the Critical Care Unit in June 2018 and was in a coma for two weeks. He has a background of chronic kidney disease, and other medical conditions including renal and heart disease and congestive cardiac failure.


Two years prior to this Anthony lost both his mum and his wife of 41 years, Elaine, within the space of six weeks.

After admission, Anthony realised he was in the same room as his wife when she died. He struggled with grief, but occupational therapist (OT) Claire Rock and physiotherapists, Katie Jellett and Katie Partridge, supported him with his rehabilitation.

Basildon Hospital Critical Care Unit is the first in the East of England to have an occupational therapist. The therapy team work with patients’ throughout their admission to minimise the complications associated with a critical care stay.

Critical care patients’ often require a longer length of stay and can sometimes have life threatening conditions as well as physical, cognitive and psychological illnesses.

Occupational therapy enables these patients’ to participate in day-to-day activities and improves both the patient and family experience. In addition to this it reduces the tendency for patients to experience confusion, due to the time they have spent in critical care.

Talking about his journey Anthony said, “I’m lucky to be alive. Dr Akhtar and the whole team at Basildon Hospital have given me a new lease of life and I could never repay them, everyone was brilliant. I was really in a dark place and I’m grateful that I had the support to help me recover.

“I had to decide whether I wanted to be here or not but I needed to be here for my daughter Kimberley so I kept on going.”

Occupational therapist Claire added, “I was walking down the corridor and I didn’t recognise him. It’s great to see Anthony doing well despite his difficult journey. He really is a testament that with the right support and people around you, you can achieve your goals. We gave him the push he needed and he has stayed consistent and continues to be motivated.”

A year on Anthony is on the road to recovery and is determined to lose a further four stones so he can return to his old life and walk again.


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