Monday, January 30, 2023

Improving service for community midwives in Thurrock

Bas Hosp

Improving service for community midwives

COMMUNITY midwives at Basildon Hospital will soon be able to provide an improved service to patients after being issued with new laptops that provide immediate and vital access to hospital medical record systems.

Previously midwives working in the community did not have access to the hospital systems outside of the hospital. They either had to wait until they were onsite or phone a colleague to access certain patient information such as blood results, clinic appointments, e-rostering and safeguarding information.

Paperwork had to be transported back into the hospital for clerical staff to upload and scan onto Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This caused a delay in clinical information being available to the wider clinical team. Journeys to and from the hospital to obtain information and drop paperwork off was time consuming. A recent audit indicated that 50% of community midwives visits into the hospital were simply for paperwork related tasks.

From Thursday 1 August, this will all change, as the new maternity system launches it will provide the opportunity for midwives to be mobile, increase time spent on providing care, and improve provision of clinical information to women.

Community midwife, Abigail Radley said: “This is going to make such a difference for us when we’re working with patients in the community. It will speed up the process and reassure patients who are anxious and want their results for peace of mind.”

Project midwife, Renée Hall, added: “This is a very exciting time and now midwives can access everything as it’s readily available to them online. Their accessibility to systems will better their working life and therefore improve patient care.”


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