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Basildon Hospital trains next generation of doctors

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Basildon trains next generation of doctors.

TRAINING is underway for 44 foundation year 1 doctors (FY1s), who started a 10 day induction in Basildon Hospital on Monday July 29.

To apply, all FY1s were able to choose the region and hospital where they wanted to start their medical careers. All in attendance obtained their first choice to train at Basildon.

Starting with a welcome to the Trust by Dr Tayyab Haider, medical director and responsible officer, the group will learn about the hospital and its support systems; be given an introduction to the different directorates in the hospital; undergo core practical skills sessions and workshops and then finally each will shadow a current FY1 who has been with the hospital for a year.

Speaking about the programme and the importance of these new recruits to Basildon, Dr Shiva Dindyal, vascular and endovascular surgeon and foundation training programme director commented:

“Today is the first day of over 30 years of work for our new doctors and will be the most important day of their careers. Medicine is changing and the challenges they face are different to those I faced when I was a trainee such as the increase in technology and robotics across hospitals to improve patient care. Quality of life is also more important now and our training curriculum has changed to reflect this.”

Dr Haider added:

“These are exciting times for our foundation year 1 doctors. Coming out into the real medical world can be very different from the time they have spent in the lead up to this day. We are looking forward to teaching and inspiring this new generation and welcome them all to Basildon”.

As part of their training the FY1s will undergo leadership and personal skills development and at the end of the year will be fully registered doctors. After completing their FY2 year they will decide if they want to specialise in hospital practice, become a GP or go into psychiatry.

Hitchem Bouayed, Umar Mithawala and Onik Chowdhury, all from London, are looking forward to the challenges they will face during their induction.

Speaking for the group, Hitchem said:

“We are all looking forward to training at Basildon and learning about the medical environment here. This is the first day of the rest of our medical careers. Although it is daunting, we want to eventually make a difference and use the skills we learn.

“Working together to provide better and safer care”.


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