Family donate £5000 for NICU equipment at Basildon Hospital

Family donate £5000 for NICU equipment

PARENTS Alex and Carli Headley, of Billericay, donated funds for new equipment to be purchased for Basildon Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), after receiving ‘fantastic’ care when their twin boys were born in 2013.

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Their twins, Harry and Jack were born seven weeks early and were in NICU for two weeks following their premature birth. History repeated itself, as their mum, Carli, was also a twin and born seven weeks early.

The funds were used to purchase a new phototherapy unit for NICU. This unit helps reduce bilirubin, which naturally occurs in a baby’s body when red blood cells breakdown – also commonly known as jaundice.

Babies who are born prematurely cannot always manage to break this down efficiently enough so their body pushes it into the skin, giving it a yellow appearance. When the baby’s skin is exposed to the light of the phototherapy unit it breakdowns the bilirubin and lowers the levels in the blood.

Mum Carli said: “Everything was amazing they were our first children so we didn’t know what to expect! The care we received was the best. We thought it’ll be great to give back and help other babies like Harry and Jack who are born early.”

NICU matron, Tracey Glester added: “It is so rewarding for the staff to receive such kind donations from patients who are grateful for the care and services we provide.

“This is a new modern up to date version of the unit; we find it works more efficiently, allowing the babies to go home and spend time with their families a lot quicker.”

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