Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Basildon Hospital bans visitors during coronavirus pandemic

BASILDON and Thurrock University Hospital along with three other Essex hospitals has announced visitors are banned to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Southend Hospital, Basildon University Hospital and Broomfield Hospital, Basildon University Hospital and Southend Hospital brought in restrictions to “minimise the impact” of the outbreak.

Visitors will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances including end-of-life patients.

Women who are due to attend the maternity wards are only allowed one birthing partner and no visitors during their stay.

Anyone who does visit the hospital are advised to draw to bed curtain round halfway to minimalise the coronavirus spread.

Please remember to:

• All visitors must wash their hands before and after visiting relatives

• Visitors must be over the over the age of 16 – children are not allowed

• Please do not enter the hospital in you feel unwell

• If you have a high temperature or new cough please return home and self-isolate

• Please only visit the areas of the hospital where your relative or friend is staying

• Our restaurant is currently closed to visitors to give our staff a place to be with each other and take some time to rest

• Drinks and snacks continue to be available from our onsite Costa and M&S. Please use this as a take-away facility


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