Sunday, December 3, 2023

Amazon wishlist set up to allow people to purchase essential items for Basildon hospital staff

By Eric White

AN Amazon wishlist has been set to allow people to purchase essential items for Basildon hospital staff.

The wishlist ‘entitled ‘Basildon hospitals essentials’ allows members of the public to choose from a list of items to donate to the staff, allowing people who are indoors due the lockdown ways of helping out with specific goods.

The following message is found at the top of the wishlist page, explaining further about how certain items will be for particular wards.

“During this pandemic the doctors/nurses/cleaners are working hard through this time these will be split between several wards Calculators and pens are for the cardio centre ITU at Basildon also getting bits for the staff who left their homes.”

The wishlist can be accessed by going to the following website adress:

This week, YourThurrock have published several articles on the kindness and generosity of the community in these difficult times, with many donating supplies to the NHS staff at Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals.

‘Supplies for NHS Hospitals Basildon and Thurrock’ Facebook group is just one of the groups that continues to see many contrbutions.

Go the Facebook group by following this website address

Typical of the messages found on the page on a daily basis is one from Su Catindig Deegee who posted this message today (26 April) along with the accompanying image.

He said: “Thank you for the uniform laundry bag from Basildon Renal Dialysis Unit.”

basildon renal unit


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