Sunday, December 10, 2023

Covid-19: Total confirmed deaths in Thurrock is 51, daily number of hospital deaths stay low

ONE coronavirus-related death has sadly been confirmed in Thurrock in the latest figures, bringing the total number in the borough to 51.

The coronavirus-death happened in the area of South Stifford and Lakeside.

The total number of cases of covid-19 confirmed in the borough has risen by one, to 282.

At Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital Trust, there has been one coronavirus-related death confirmed in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to 241.

This is further indication there is starting to be a decrease in the number of coronavirus-related deaths at the trust especially when compared to April 9th until April 15th.

See below for the statistics for coronavirus-related deaths at the trust.

April 9- 11 deaths

April 10- 11 deaths

April 11- 8 deaths

April 12- 14 deaths

April 13- 11 deaths

April 14- 10 deaths

April 15- 10 deaths

April 16- 6 deaths

April 17- 2 deaths

April 18- 8 deaths

April 19- 6 deaths

April 20- 4 deaths

April 21- 3 deaths

April 22- 7 deaths

April 23- 1 death

April 24- 9 deaths

April 25 – 4 deaths

April 26 – 1 death

April 27 – 2 deaths

April 28 – 5 deaths

April 29 – 1 death

May 1 – 2 death

May 2 – 1 death

There are no official figures on recovery rates at this stage.

Nationally, figures released this evening show the total number of coronavirus-related deaths is 28,446.

This is taking into account all parts of the community including care homes.

As the BBC reported on Wednesday (29 April), these updated daily figures (figures which include care homes coronavirus-related deaths) do not necessarily provide a full picture of what has happened so far because of the lack of testing in the community in the early days.

As more testing is rolled out, the daily figures from now on will provide a more accurate picture of what is happening than has been the case previously.

YourThurrock’s thoughts are with all of those affected by the coronavirus.


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