Thursday, December 7, 2023

Hospital trust thank Thurrock and wider community for their heartwarming donations and support

MID & South Essex Hospitals Charity, which covers Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals among others, has spoken of the heartwarming support and donations they have received since the pandemic began.

On the official Just Giving fundraising page, which accessed by clicking here the trust say the following:

“We have been inundated with support from the community which is heart warming to see. Your kind contribution will support our staff and patients at Basildon, Broomfield and Southend Hospitals through this challenging time.

“Our COVID19 Rapid Response Appeal is in place to help assist wherever the need is greatest and by funding projects such as:

– Care packages to provide snacks and toiletries for teams as they work
intensively to care for patients
– Wellbeing resources to help alleviate stress for people while working
under constant pressure
– Establishing fully equipped staff rest areas as places for people to take
a break during periods of intensive work and ensure they are not too
tired to drive home
– The provision of alternative transport to work such as taxi or a minibus
if public transport is not available
– Care packages for patients including toiletries, puzzle/colouring books
and dignity clothing
– Communication aids, such as tablet devices, to support patient mental
health during isolation by enabling virtual contact with loved-ones.

“During this critical time, NHS staff at Basildon, Broomfield and Southend Hospitals are working around the clock to look after patients in their care.

“As a team working alongside our colleagues in the hospital , MSE Hospitals Charity can make sure items of greatest need are purchased and are safely distributed.

“We are reminding our community not to go out to collect food or items for our staff, but to stay home and stay safe.

“On behalf of our staff and patients, we thank you for your support; every contribution is greatly appreciated.”

As of this morning (Wednesday May 6), £22,833 has been raised on the page.

As of the 1st April Southend Hospital Charity, Basildon Hospital Charity and Mid Essex Hospitals Charity merged to become one – Mid & South Essex Hospitals Charity.

YourThurrock have reported on many of the donations for Basildon and Thurrock Hospitals Charity since the pandemic began.

Yesterday (Tuesday May 5), the charity posted the following message on their Facebook page along with the accompanying images:

“Another busy start to the week with such lovely donations coming in from the community for our staff. Here are just a few pictures. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our Hospitals.”




On Wednesday 29 April, YourThurrock published the story about Colin Wilkinson, a kind-hearted man who has been standing and applauding NHS staff at Basildon hospital every morning as they come into work.

He intends to keep clapping the staff every morning until the pandemic is over.

Read the full story here: Clapping Colin brings daily joy to Basildon hospital NHS staff


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