Sunday, December 10, 2023

Thurrock Council still failing to answer questions about Collins House care home in Corringham

IN MAY, we asked Thurrock Council a number of questions regarding a care home in their charge, Collins House in Corringham.

We first started researching the piece back in April. At the time, there were concerns (in care homes all over the country) regarding residents returning from hospital without being tested for Covid-19.

There were also concerns regarding adequate protections.

In other care homes stories that we have researched and published, we found many other care home businesses and other councils very communicative.

We weren’t there to expose or frighten, we were just trying to establish the facts.

In May, we sent a series of questions that you can see below.

Two months have passed and apart from an acknowledgement (some time after questions were sent) that they had received questions and we “working on them”, we still have not received any answers.

So here they are again, the questions about a care home in Corringham, that Thurrock Council seem unable to answer.


Have there been any deaths at Collins House due to Covid-19?

Have residents recovered from Covid-19?

How are the residents at Collins House, Do you have any good news stories?

Do you have an isolation area in the care home?

What message do you have for concerned residents?

The staff must be under pressure. What support mechanisms for staff are in place at Collins House?

When were staff supplied with PPE?

Has the portfolio holder, cllr James Halden been in contact?

Has any resident been at Basildon Hospital and returned without being tested for Covid-19?

Were residents symptomatic and returned to Collins House?


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