Monday, April 15, 2024

Covid-19: Basildon Hospital issues “extremely busy” message

BASILDON Hospital is extremely busy today with a high number of patients who need our care, including a small but increasing number of patients suffering from COVID.

A spokeersn said: “We are working hard to see people as quickly as possible in our emergency department, and to make sure there are beds for those who need them in the hospital. While we work to improve the situation we would ask anyone who doesn’t need emergency care to call 111 and look for alternative options.

All hospital services are continuing to operate, but with such a busy hospital environment we are also asking visitors to not attend so we can ensure social distancing in all of our wards and departments to keep our patients and staff safe.

“Visiting is still possible for end of life patients or for people who need some extra support, such as those with a learning disability or dementia, if you are accompanying children or are the partner of a woman in labour.  Thank you for your support”.


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