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“Incredible” baby beats Covid thanks to Basildon Hospital staff

“Incredible” baby beats Covid thanks to Basildon Hospital staff

THE mother of a baby who caught Covid-19 has praised Basildon Hospital for its amazing efforts in helping him to recover from the virus.

Baby George, who is five months old, was unwell with a high fever, vomiting and mottled skin. After a restless, sleepless night, his mum Myer contacted NHS 111 who advised her to take George to A&E.

Myer Rudelhoff, 27, from Basildon said: “I can’t thank the staff at Basildon Hospital enough. Even through a pandemic they were able to see George really quickly and diagnose that he had Covid, meaning they could start the right treatment for him. They really supported George and me through a difficult and scary time.”

The mum of two said she’d felt anxious to take George to hospital after he started feeling unwell on New Year’s Eve. Myer is now urging parents of young babies not to be worried, like she initially was, and seek medical advice by calling NHS 111.

She said: “It’s really important that people take Covid seriously. This virus is real and can affect the young and the old. Even though I followed the government guidelines and didn’t mix with family and friends, my baby has still managed to be affected.

“I urge parents not to be frightened by the current lockdown and situation in hospitals. George got the right assistance at the right time.”
George is now home with his family recovering from the virus, and will enjoy the lockdown playing with his five-year-old brother.

Dr Kilali Ominu-Evbota, Paediatric Consultant at Basildon Hospital, said: “It’s great to hear that George is now back home and on the road to recovery. We wish him and his family all the best.

“George’s family did the right thing, and we encourage parents to seek medical advice from their GP or via the NHS 111 service in order to get the correct treatment for their child.”


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