Sunday, December 10, 2023

Grays Gym boss sets sights on charity fundraising efforts

SEAN Laidlaw, 34, founder of Beyond Limits is back at his successful fundraising efforts and has set him and his team the momentous challenge of travelling more than 192,000m in just 90 minutes on Saturday (17 December 2022).

Beyond Limits is a gym and coaching company based in Grays and has a strong record of raising funds, rescuing dogs from war-torn countries, and holding events to raise attention to important causes, but can their team really travel a few miles more than a full lap of the M25?

Around 20 people are expected to take part on the day where equipment stations, like a rowing machine, skier and assault bikes will be laid out. Each person will rotate on the machines taking short rests in between to try and mark off as many metres as possible.

Sean said: “We held a similar event for my dad two years ago and between us, we covered off 192,000m. So, it was obvious we had to try and better that this time round.

“However, this time, we’re raising money for the Lennox Children’s cancer charity. It’s really important as one of our members, Hayley Fisher, Chafford Hundred, has sadly had to lean on the charity while her son, Morgan, 7, underwent extensive leukaemia treatment. Thankfully, he rang the bell in October and is now officially in remission.

Hayley said: “Anything which can help raise some money and give this important charity some attention is good. The charity can help with the small but important things families need after hearing such awful news.

“Things like applying for a blue badge, assisting with financial support, emotional support for the family – even just explaining the medical terms, process and procedure, it can be extremely overwhelming and they were there to help.

“Morgan thankfully is in good spirits and health, with lockdown during treatment, it means he isn’t the only child to have missed out on going into school for long stretches of time.
“We held a little party at Basildon Hospital for Morgan on the day he rang the bell – attended by a VIP, Buzz Lightyear. He has been so strong for somebody so little, and I want to thank everyone who has helped play a part in his recovery.

“I’ll be there on Saturday, with Morgan and his brothers and sister, and we can’t wait to hello to everyone.”

The event starts at 9am for 90 minutes, and there is a couple of ways you can help. Firstly, if you fancy throwing yourself on a machine to help us reach our goal, please do! You can register by sending Beyond Limits a message on Instagram (@BeyondLimitsCoach). The more muscle and strength the better – or, head over to and donate direct to this great cause.


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