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Benfleet man fined after late-night car cruising event in Grays

A 20-year-old Benfleet man has been fined and had eight penalty points put on his licence after he was seen driving without due care and attention during a late-night car cruising event in Grays.

Adam Cavalla, of Kiln Road, was spotted driving his Renault Clio above the 40mph speed limit on West Thurrock Way on 8 July 2022.

After the incident, Cavalla was issued with a section 59 notice under the 2002 Police and Reform Act which means his car may be seized if he drives in an anti-social manner in the future.  

And he was issued with four fixed penalty notices for breaching a public spaces protection order (PSPO) covering West Thurrock.

At Southend Magistrates’ Court on 11 January, Cavalla admitted driving without due care and attention and was fined £326. Magistrates also ordered eight penalty points to be put on his driving licence and ordered him to pay £110 costs and a £130 victim surcharge.

The court heard that Cavalla lost control as he approached a roundabout because he was driving too quickly.

He had shown ‘disregard for the safety of other road users’, whether they were attending the car cruise event or just passing by, as well as for members of the public who had gathered by the side of the road to watch.

“We know car enthusiasts like to get together to show off their vehicles to each other. But when they cause excessive noise and drive in an anti-social manner then we have to take note and we will deal with complaints or with anyone we see who is committing an offence.
“Cavalla was driving at more than the 40mph speed limit, not slowing for roundabouts, which he took at excess speed.
“His poor driving caused his car to ‘fishtail’ and slide about, so he wasn’t fully in control of it, which endangered the safety of spectators and other road users.
“Recently, car meets have seen a trend in racing and drifting, which places anyone who attends or who is simply passing by in danger of serious injury or death.
“Not only would that have a lasting effect on everyone involved, as well as the family and friends on the victim but added to that is the risk to offenders of prosecution and being disqualified from driving if they are convicted of racing.”
Investigating officer PC Matthew Brown

The PSPO covering West Thurrock prevents car cruising, spectating, anti-social behaviour and anti-social driving. A driver can be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice for each offence committed. FPNs can also be issued to passengers of offending vehicles and spectators.


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