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Labour’s priority is to win back trust says leader after its remarkable return to power after Tory vote collapsed

THURROCK Labour Group is set to begin the momentous task of rebuilding “shattered” trust with residents after their overwhelming victory at last week’s local elections reports the Local Democracy Reporter.

Following the triumph for Labour, “delighted” Cllr John Kent leader of the group, said residents were eager for change.

He said: “It is clear that the bond of trust between Thurrock Council and our communities has been shattered by the events of the past few years.

“The number one priority of my new Labour administration is to rebuild that trust. We will, at all times, put the needs of our residents at the heart of all we do – we will be honest, open and transparent.”

Cllr Kent added: “Where the council has been too inward looking, we will reach out. Decision makers will be out in the community, talking to residents and answering questions in a straightforward way.

“For too long, there has been a lack of clarity and accountability around council decisions so, we will make sure that council decisions, budgets and expenditure transparent and easily accessible to our residents.

“Everybody understands that Thurrock Council is bankrupt. That must not be allowed to become an excuse for poor services – we will work hard to make sure that basic services are delivered as well as possible.”

The Conservative leader of the council, Cllr Andrew Jefferies, who now has a group just 13 strong, is expected to resign in advance of the council’s annual meeting on Wednesday, 22 May,

Independents are now nipping at the heels of the Conservative group with nine councillors, only four less than the Tories.

Five out of nine Independents currently work together under the Non-Political Alliance of Independent Councillors and those who won seats last week are expected to join them.

Local independent councillor Fraser Massey said: “I could sense a strong independent vote especially in the East of the Borough,

“With good future candidates I can only see the independent vote share continue to grow as Thurrock residents realise they have a real choice apart from the Westminster parties.” 


  1. How about apologising for starting the investment strategy that destroyed Thurrock when you were last leader of the Council John? You’ve let everyone else take blame for the policy you started and have never once said sorry, you continue to spit in Thurrocks face. Shameful.


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