Stanford Backbencher: Cllr Eddie Hardiman

FOR many backbench councillors a typical day can be about quietly and modestly serving the needs of the constiuents in their ward. No fuss and no press! One such councillor is Stanford-le-Hope’s Eddie Hardiman who in many ways embodies the role of the local councillor. Two weeks ago, we had filmed him campaigning against Polio. […]

BNP Leader Nick Griffin in Thurrock

THE British National Party (BNP) hope to gain seven seats at the European Elections on June 4th. The campaign appears to be based on a siege mentality centered around World War 2. Mr Griffin even declares that Sir Winston Churchill’s natural home (today) would have been the BNP. With anti-racism protestors outside and a heavy […]

BNP: Emma Colgate: Luton Protests

EAST OF ENGLAND Spokesperson and Tilbury Councillor Emma Colgate discusses controversial demonstrations in Luton as the Anglian regiment made their homecoming parade. It’s anticipated that Emma will be standing in June’s European Elections. It will be fascinating to see how well the BNP perform come June.

Terry Hipsey: Not For Turning

BY ALL ACCOUNTS, the massed ranks of the Tory faithful had turned up to bury Caesar and then to praise him. Then, Council Leader Terry Hipsey surprised everyone by declaring that Terry was not for turning and was about to take on the challenges of the Audit Commission head-on and move Thurrock on to a […]

BNP Emma Colgate: Kingmaker?

ONE of the arguments against proportional representation is that it can leave the balance of power – or the ‘king-maker’ scenario – in the hands of ‘extreme’ parties. So, it’s quite a trick to do the same (possibly) with the first past the post system. This could be the case if the motion put forward […]

John Kent: Opposition Leader Calls for Leader To Resign

THURROCK LABOUR LEADER John Kent has reiterated his call for the Leader of Thurrock Council Terry Hipsey to stand down. In this interview, Cllr Kent answers Cllr Hipsey’s criticisms of the Labour Group over past performances, economic record and the Corringham Traders Meeting “set up”. Cllr Kent’s comments come as another Interim Chief Executive has […]

Tom Howat: Home for Heroes

WAR VETERAN Tom Howat has seen the battles of war at close hand. The Aveley resident has also seen the funeral of Nicky Mason pass by his street. Tom is an outspoken critic of the treatment of our nation’s war veterans once they return to the UK and ‘Civvy Street’. In the second part of […]

Angela Smith/ Andrew MacKinlay: Concerns on Audit Commission

Exclusive interviews with Angela Smith and Andrew Mackinlay South Basildon and East Thurrock MP calls for urgent talks with Council Leader over damning Audit Commission report. MP Andrew Mackinlay slams a “hopelessly out of touch” Thurrock Council as well as demanding that Environment Agency has its backside kicked. BOTH THURROCK MP’s have expressed their deep […]

International Women’s Day

FROM 11 to 93, YourThurrock interviewed a cross section of women in the borough regarding how they saw the condition of women in the 21st century. As a social document in 2009, it’s a fascinating insight into the changing roles and perceptions of women.

Angela Smith Slams “Clueless” Council

South Basildon and East Thurrock MP, Angela Smith has branded Thurrock Council as “clueless” on the controversial plans to impose car parking charges in Corringham Town Centre. Speaking on Friday in the town, Angela Smith clearly delivers the message that she fully supports the traders and will ensure that the plight of small businesses in […]

Andrew MacKinlay: Dartford Crossing

Andrew MacKinlay: Dartford Crossing While YourThurrock were in Westminster, we interviewed Andrew regarding the new toll charges at the Dartford Tunnel. The controversy regarding the rise to £1.50 has angered many motorists – and many Thurrock residents as well.