Jailed truancy mother offends again.

Magistrates were told that she had failed to engage with Thurrock Council’s Education Welfare service which had tried to meet with her to offer support several times.

Two children, aged nine and six, missed 45½ days and 44½ days respectively in 15 school weeks. Previously she had served ten days of a 28-day custodial sentence and the latest prosecution also included breach of a previous conditional discharge. The mother, who admitted the charges, received a 28 days prison sentence for all three offences to run consecutively – 84 days in total.

Feel Good Fair at Thameside

Among those enjoying Saturday’s feel good factor was Cllr Lynn Worrall, Thurrock Council’s cabinet member for Community, Culture and Leisure. She tried out the Smoothie Bike, had a go with the Wii Fit club and said afterwards: “Saturday proved a great success with hundreds of people coming into the Thameside and either trying out the bike or the Wii Fit — which was a real laugh!

Wildlife habitat areas mooted by council

These are strips or blocks of land that help wildlife species move between different areas of their natural habitat or provide a place for wildlife and plants to thrive. In these new corridors and areas, animals and natural plants would be left to flourish, but the land would still be managed and taken care of by the council to ensure the areas work for residents as well as wildlife.

Recycling success may bring changes

Cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “We are now recycling very nearly half the waste we produce from our homes and I want to thank residents for the way they have embraced the system. “A cleaner-greener Thurrock is one of this council’s main priorities and it’s a real pleasure to know that local people are joining with us in this aim.”

No threat to leisure centres

There would be changes, she said, but: “We recognise the vital role leisure services plays in our communities and we have therefore sought to make sure we are able to make short-term savings which minimise impact, while looking at future options for the long term development of leisure services.”

Zero Council Tax rise planned

Demand on social care, both for adults and young people is putting ever-increasing pressure on local authorities’ budgets. The cabinet is proposing that council (meeting on March 1) support a £1 million increase in social care for adults — due to the ageing population — plus a £405,000 increase for children’s social care and a £120,000 increase in the budget for young people’s social workers.

Suspensions following taxi checks

Thurrock Council’s Chair of Public Protection, Councillor Wendy Curtis said: “These checks are part of our continued commitment to ensuring that licensed taxis are safe for the people of Thurrock. We would also like to remind people they should only ever use licensed taxis – it is easy to forget, especially late at night when you want to get home.”

Supporting bus services

Despite reducing its support by a quarter, compared to the current year, cabinet member for Transport, Cllr Yash Gupta, says he is pleased with the outcome which includes several improvements to services. He said: “The council has little say over where and when the independent bus companies run their vehicles, but by providing funds to them we can try and make sure that non-profitable public transport routes are operated.

Hard line on Council Tax debt

Within this process debtors will be summonsed to attend a means enquiry at the Magistrates’ Court. The court will review information presented to decide if the failure to pay the debt is as a result of wilful refusal or culpable neglect. If the court decides either of these applies, it has the power to send the debtor to prison for up to 90 days.

Thinking inside the box

Last summer, when he was involved with Thurrock in Bloom, he asked the council’s horticulture team if they would put up bird boxes around St Mary’s Church in The Broadway, Little Thurrock, if he made them.

Plans to improve thousands of homes

Cllr Smith also said that Thurrock’s tenants have to pay a subsidy to the government, this year of over £11½ million to support housing nationally, nearly £2 million more than last year. However, the council is planning a range of improvements for its tenants over the coming 12 months.

A census taker may come to test you

National Census Day is Sunday, 27 March, and a poor response rate would mean the government thinking fewer people live in the area than actually do. This could drastically reduce the amount of funding available over the next decade. Indeed, some councils say a poor response rate to the 2001 census has cost them tens of millions of pounds over the past ten years.

T-Fest 2011: Better than ever!

“It gives local talent the chance to shine on the same stage as national and international celebrities and it’s marvellous that the council’s diversity team has been able to find the external funding to ensure 2011 will be bigger, better and more fun than ever before.”

Tender for council adverts

Cllr John Kent, Leader of Thurrock Council, said: “The council has to continue making significant spending cuts over the next few years. By packaging up the amount we spend on advertising — such as statutory public notices — and putting this out to competitive tender, we have been able to reduce costs by more than £60,000.

Get Into Retail

You will also develop effective customer service and communication skills; gain up-to-date qualifications in literacy and numeracy; build skills in time management, productivity and assertiveness and ultimately get the chance to apply for a job with a major retailer.