Kier group chosen to build National Skills Academy

The build will complete phase three of the Production Park’s transformation from a derelict and decaying farmstead to a modern training, production and community facility in the heart of the Thames Gateway. With the Academy under construction, High House Production Park Ltd will now focus its attention on bringing forward the remaining development plots available on the site. These plots are anticipated to provide around 100,000sq ft of accommodation for businesses and artists from related fields.

Hundreds of cops swoop in night of drug purges in Thurrock pubs

Insp Anna Brennan, in charge of the Tilbury neighbourhood policing team, said: “We work very closely with our local licensees, and by conducting this operation we are able to tell them if they have any issues with drugs and offer them support to deal with it. This operation has caused disruption to recreational drugs users who will hopefully think twice before carrying out illegal activities in pubs.”

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Triumphant debut for Rock Thurrock

The main speaker was Gary Cobb who works out of the BGEA office in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he is Director of Training. He gave an illustrated talk entitled, Reaching Young People for Jesus, which was essentially a presentation of the Rock Thurrock vision. Informative and full of humour, passion and challenge, Gary explained the origins of Rock Thurrock, being based on Rock the City events in the massive sporting arenas of the USA, and the various constituent parts of the project, with the training, community action projects and events. He showed video footage along the way of Rock the CIty events.

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Flipping heck … it’s Pancake Day

There was plenty of fun at the new community flat on the Garrison Estate in Purfleet on Shrove Tuesday (8 March). Members of the newly formed residents’ association and Thurrock Council’s tenant participation team were on hand to dole out home-made pancakes to visitors

Aveley councillor urges protest over green belt plans

Cllr Herd said: “The opposition was fierce then and it is now. People do not want these extra houses, the village just cannot cope with it. This development will increase traffic and pollution as well as putting extra pressure on the primary school and doctors surgery.

Crackdown on crime in Thurrock

DCI Alan Cotgrove, said: “This operation has been carried out to disrupt the activity of those who commit crime across Basildon and Thurrock. Day by day we are out on the streets stopping crime, but today has seen us out in force making sure those that live in or visit the area and commit crime have nowhere to hide.

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Busy day for galore then Civic Awards launch, rugby at Gateway, meeting with Jeremy Hunt and then YourVoice. #thurrock #essex # I subscribed to Oldhamcollegemedia's channel on YouTube. # Purfleet cat gets stuck in car engine..goes for a drive….from Top Cat to Top Gear! #thurrock #essex # I uploaded a YouTube video […]

School building in Thurrock on the march!

Around £2 million is to be spent on a new dedicated early years and foundation stage block at Stifford Primary in Parker Road, Grays. The development also includes three new classrooms to bring the school up to the required amount of teaching room for its published numbers and provide an enclosed courtyard as safe, outside learning space for Year 1 children.

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Typical YT day? will tweet each hour to get feel…….at desk 7am, check 999 sites, e mails , start writing #thurrock #essex # It would be good to hear from any fb frnds or twitterers who have experience of Family Mosaic # Purfleet company slammed at public inquiry #thurrock #essex # a happy […]

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The Murder of Daniel Thomas: Nobody came, nobody cared……..

From the age of sixteen, she was booted out of her own home and living in a shed in the street in River Court, Purfleet. Then onto the homeless hostel at Charles Street. For while she stayed at the home of a (then) friend until she was thrown out on suspicion of stealing. Then she came across Daniel Thomas and his flat in Darnley Road. The narrative of daily life as read out in court for Priscilla was depressing. There were no witty asides, no “Shameless satire”. Priscilla was no Morven Callar. It was a tale of skunk, whizz, sniff, puff, mandrax, white lightning, breezers, wine, fags.

Darnley Road Murder Trial: Faked letters tried to pin murder on innocent man

Final day of evidence: The inserted extracts warn Scamp not to: “Grass up Kieran Wood to CID” The letters go on to advise her that not “grassing” him up “Will save your families life.” and “I hope you said you did it. You will never prove your innocence. I know Kieran did it.” The court also heard that the pregnancy scans of twins that Scamp showed to several people had infact been downloaded from a South African blog on the internet, cut out and placed in a folder.

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