A Day at The Opera

We are almost there . The final touches are being added to the very impressive building that is the Royal Opera House Production Park and the press were invited to take a look. There is some

“Down to Business”

Hundreds of young people from across Thurrock and surrounding areas are teaming up with national and international organisations to help solve real life business problems as part of the Next Top Boss “Down to Business” challenge.

Thurrock residents first for Ludd and Isis tickets

This is a fantastic opportunity to be one of the first to see a world class production made in Thurrock and performed in Purfleet. Professional dancers, singers and musicians from the Royal Opera House will perform alongside the local cast in this spectacular celebration to mark the opening of the High House Production Park and the Royal Opera House Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop. The workshop will be home to the scenic painters and carpenters of the Royal Opera House.

Thurrock’s building plans in tatters after threats of legal action

The government have stressed that such a framework should be “clear, succinct and understood by all.” Thurrock Council’s LDF is 326 pages long. Indeed, when the council presented the weighty tone at a full council meeting in January the meeting descended into farce after mistake after mistake was found in the document and the meeting had to be suspended.

The DC are backed by a host of organisations whose criticisms range from plans to build in flood zones to a failure to predict the amount of housing needed for the past five years. There is also a representation from the former Mayor of Thurrock, Colin Churchman who states: “The process has been undemocratic. The question of members (councillors) interests must be revisited.”

Little Lenny name-checked by X Factor star

WE knew that the good women of the Garrison estate on Purfleet are as good as their word. On Thursday, they told YourThurrock that stricken youngster Leonard Scamp was going to the X Factor studios to meet Cheryl Cole and the rest of the stars.

Stamping out the loan sharks

THURROCK is a rich quarry for loan sharks. No wonder: a study in 2005 showed that Tilbury and Purfleet were first and second respectively for the number of residents who had county court judgements (CCJs) against their name. Now, there is a specialist team in place that is cracking down on illegal loan sharks.

RSPB: Monthly Report

Female hen harriers headed south on the 2nd and 30th and on the latter date merlin, hobby and amazingly, a female red-footed falcon were also seen going across the Thames. A raven made appearances on 13th and 19th and would be very popular if it would just land for a while and ring-necked parakeets hit a new county record of 87 on the 10th.

Charlie Sansom: More bubble than Buble

WHAT a voice. It has the resonance of a sixty a day smoker but there is a velvet quality to Charlie’s voice as well. YourThurrock spotted Charlie singing at the Stanford Festival. Since then he as been building up his repertoire as well as his live presentation. Last night, Charlie put in a storming set at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet.

Placement Opportunities With Royal Opera

Successful applicants will be required to help with props, coordinate the production, undertake administration and work on the performances. Stagehands are needed to work with our professional backstage and technical teams and ushers are needed to help with all the front-of-house duties on performance nights. These placements will begin at various times throughout November.

Primaries In Good Hands At Ormiston

Year 6 is the final year at Primary schools and a very important one too! The children learn to become more independent in preparation for secondary school. It is during this year that children sit their Key Stage 2 SATs, so the children need to prepare to work very hard and this introduction to secondary school goes hand in hand with the level of responsibility that is expected of the students in Y6.

Prize-Winning Artist Visits His Sun Arch Sculpture

The art work was commissioned by Commissions East and funded by Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation and Parklands, to celebrate the opening of the new Veolia Mardyke Bridge, which provides a direct link between the Garrison Estate and RSPB Rainham Marshes.

A Busy Month For Yash

IF YOU have ever wondered what marks out Cllr Yash Gupta from the other councillors,not only in Thurrock but all over the country then you simply need to go to his web page on the Thurrock Council website.

Full Council: A Confederacy Of Dunces

It is clear that the majority are simply out of their depth. Good people (mostly) but have it neither in their DNA nor the will-power to raise the game to face the challenges that the horrendous cuts will produce. They just about cut it in the good times but last night proved that as a group (with some noted individuals exempt) they were embarassingly and disgracefully out of their depth.

Bulphan WI: July/Aug Events

Nine of our members visited Millwood WI, in Woodham Ferrers, to hear about the Olympic site and 2 of our members visited Chafford WI to learn more about card-making and scrap-booking. We were made most welcome and learned a lot on both occasions. 6 of our members and 4 Orsett members manned the WI stall in the Hobbies and Handicrafts tent at the Orsett Show – there was lot of interest shown, and nationally WI membership is soaring.

Former Tory Mayor At Centre Of Lorry Park Probe

“On 26th January 2007 the Development Corporation met on site with the Mr Austen (Industrial Chemicals) and their planning agent Mr Pooley. At the meeting Mr Austen stated that his company had been approached by members of the Council’s cabinet and the mayor (cllr Joy Redsell).
They had apparently encouraged the company to develop a lorry park on the site.