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Travel Thurrock – this time it’s personal

HOW do you get to work? How do you do your shopping or take your children to school?

Thurrock Council last year won a £5 million bid to create a Local Sustainable Transport system and part of that is to ask residents to consider what they can do.

Over the coming months the Travel Thurrock Personalised Journey Planning team will be asking people how they get to work or to the shops. They want to know how residents travel around the borough and they will be supporting those who are keen to explore alternatives to ways of making the journeys we all have to do every day.

The team will be starting out in the Grays Thurrock ward in February, talking to people on their doorsteps, at work or while they are out and about in order to get them thinking about how they travel and how they could make small practical changes to help save themselves money, time, and the environment.

They will also be offering free information and advice to people who want to change their travel habits to make their lifestyles healthier and less car dependent.

Similar projects across the country indicate this process could help ease congestion on the road network and lead to a healthier, prosperous local community.

Ward councillor for Grays Thurrock Yash Gupta said: “I can’t wait to meet the team, they are local people who know about travelling in Thurrock and I hope to learn some new ways of getting around my town and promote sustainable travel into the bargain.”

Personalised Journey Planning will take place across Thurrock between 2012 and 2015, as part of the local authority’s successful bid for funding under the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

For more information on the Travel Thurrock Personalised Journey Planning programme, please contact 01375 652014 or email travelthurrock@sdgworld.net

Please note, Travel Advisors will always carry an identity card and never ask to go into your home.


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