Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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The Hyperlocal Bible

Thurrock students spend their half term with Spotify

TWO lucky USP College students had the opportunity to take part in work experience over the recent half term at Spotify and although the experience had to take place virtually, Level 3 Creative Media students Sophie Swaby and Kean Harrison, found it to be an extremely positive one.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Switching channels

We have put our films over on our sister site, www.yourharlow.com

The Hyperlocal Bible: The Right Terms: Part Two

LAST year, we interviewed Neil Woodbridge of Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions regarding correct terminology regarding health conditions. We decided to make a second film with Anna Smith Higgs, who had a stroke several years ago.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Going Dutch

A DUTCH newspaper contacted us and gave us the chance for a good news story. Why it is important to forge links overseas.

The Hyperlocal Bible: The Libel Bible

KNOW your rights and know the rights of others and your limitations. With that in mind, a plug for McNae's Essential Law for Journalists.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Talentspotting

THE TWO buskers in the high street might always just be, two blokes in the high street. Alternatively, they could, just one day, be something big.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Taking criticism…or not

BEING a bit of a snowflake or robustly defending your brand?

The Hyperlocal Bible: The statistical return

I ALWAYS think it is important to undertake a statistical return at the end of the year. Whether you publish at all is up to you. We do and here is why.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Into 2018

WE filmed sixty hyperlocal bibles in 2017. Not quite the 365 that I promised. How many will we do in 2018?

The Hyperlocal Bible: A hyperlocal passage to India

AS YourThurrock approaches its tenth birthday, the country that appears to have embraced IT and thus made our life so much easier is India.

Grenfell Factor: When nobody seems that bothered all over again?

YOU have a story regarding a faulty fire alarm. What if the concerns of the residents do not seem (to you) matched by others?

The Hyperlocal Bible: A small matter of libel

WHAT if someone from the BBC libels your business and claims you made up part of your story? Another day in the world of the hyperlocal!

The Hyperlocal Bible: Invoices: The left hand writes the story…..

AS any self-employed person may tell you, most days, the right hand chases the story, the left hand chases the invoice.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Hello Dolly: Treasuring your long running stories

WE have been covering the Dolly's Christmas Puds story since 2006. Not only that we gave her a lift into town whilst we interviewed dear Dolly Turner.

The Hyperlocal Bible: Christmas Day: Do we know it’s Christmas time at all?

DO we put a little shift in on Christmas Day or do we keep to the 365 "We never close" pledge?

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