Politics: Labour delight in 8% lead in seats like Thurrock

LABOUR POLITICIANS in Thurrock were delighted to hear the news that the Labour Party are ahead by 8% in a survey of the key marginal seats in the UK including Thurrock.

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price won the seat on May 5th last year with a majority of 92 but it looks like it will be a short stay for the Purfleet-based MP.

Over 13,000 constituents in the 41 marginal seats including Thurrock were spoken to in a survey conducted by Tory benefactor, Lord Ashcroft.

Among his findings were that “The biggest Tory weakness was the lack of a perception in the Labour targets that the party is “on the side of ordinary people”. Just 27% thought this of the Conservatives, compared to 46% who thought it true of Labour.

Thurrock Labour politicians were buoyed but not complacent about the survey.

Parliamentary spokesperson for Thurrock Labour, Carl Morris said: “This is welcome news and relates to what we are hearing on the doorstep.

“There is a great deal of pain stemming from the cuts and a great deal to come. There is also a intense dis-satsfaction with the coalition.

“We are not complacent but this gives us added impetus towards the next set of elections.”

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price was not available for comment.

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