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Tributes paid to Billy Blundell who has passed away

ONE of Thurrock’s legendary figures and self-confessed criminal hard man Billy Blundell has died.

His son, Bill junior, made the announcement on social media, which has led to a wave of tributes to the East End hard man who, with his brother Eddie, created a business empire.

The brothers built up an ice cream sales business in the East End in the sixties and branched out into other activities including property rental.

Billy, 77, was involved in the shooting of three members of a rival gang in broad daylight on Ilford High Street. He was charged with attempted murder, but a jury cleared him, saying he acted in self defence.

The brothers, who moved to Thurrock after leaving the East End, making homes in South Ockendon, were involved in many other shady activities and spoke openly of their criminal involvement and hard men reputation, but also acquired a legendary status.

On Thursday (27 August) Billy’s son took to Facebook to say: “Sadly Facebook is the best way to notify friends that today my Dad – the legend that is Billy Blundell has passed away.”

Hundreds of local people have visited the post and paid their personal tributes to a man whose name will always be synonymous with ‘old school’ East London gangland.


  1. I knew Eddie and Billy from the Square Ring days 1964 to 1969, Their brother in Law , was Johnny Bonner , who worked at the Sqare Ring Coffee Bar in Forest Gate.
    I did some Electrical work for them at 6th Ave, Manor Park in the 60’s, back then they were doing Ice Cream in summer, and Zodie Cabs in winter time.
    Eddie and Billy were very close as brothers, and always treated me ok, I was Quite shocked that Billy had past away, R I P, Billy,
    Best Regards: Chris Colton.

  2. Rest in peace billy , I had the pleasure of meeting you a good few times , and you helped me once with a phone call to someone . Always wanted to work for you , always respected you , and will always remember you .
    TB ..

  3. RIP Billy condolences to all the family. Great memories up the farm.what a bloke glad to have the memories sad loss for family and friends.

  4. He was a great block to know and did have a hart in the right place be fair with him and you got fair play back he be a miss by many in Ilford R.I.P Billy

  5. Met him in Maidstone prison in the eighties..
    We were on a bricklaying course….
    Unlike the typical stereotype of prisoners…
    He was kind full of stories and jokes!!!
    Rip O.G
    I’m of Jamaican heritage

  6. Billie and Eddie what a handful in the mid sixties .Good guys always in the square ring .lots of other guys good hands visited the ring it was a home from home ,owned by Frank price wrestling promoter that place could tell some stories

  7. Our young days together billy ln eskaly lv you in my mind forever and you mum who fed me during rationing also Eddie yo both lv by schreechepowell family

  8. Late tribute mate but we were childhood mates and l lv you as a friend we had much fun but we went seperate ways l said that I wouldn’t get in volved ln what you did because you had a good business brain God bless mate l also think of you mum ho was so good to me and barberaxxx

  9. A really lovely kiddie we all used to box at WHBC in the 60s-always avin a giggle-thourou gentleman his brother Eddie as well good stuff for m8 shame he’s gone Iv only just found out about it bless

  10. Rip Billy Blundell
    Always ment to contract family sorry to late.
    Max respeck
    To all Blundell family
    From John Blundell aka pongo banks
    Actor x

  11. This is going to sound shocking or you will never believe me. But I sawxand spoke to Billy Blundell at a West Ham match recently. He told me he was dead. Which was strange, considering I could feel him the same as any human being. So we sat next to each other watching the match and talked. But then another man, sitting behind us, said they couldn’t see him and I was talking to myself. This got Billy so annoyed. As he thought itcwas disrespectful to me. That he turned around to the man and pushed him around a bit. The man totally freaked out, as he could feel the force on him. Although still mot see him. That scared him into silence. So we carried on watching the match. Billy hot up and left about 2minutes before the 90minutes were up. He Said bye, and walked up the steps, like any other person there. Although I didn’t really comprehend I had been sitting with a supposedly dead man. Until I hot home and latrr that night, googled his name. I was shocked to realise he had passed. Billy doesn’t look like alot of other guys. So i even wondered.. is he really dead ? Or was it someone using his name, that looked really similar But a young lad a few seats away, also told me they saw him. After the commotion with the invisible cuffing he gave the guy behind us. It was very strange. I dont know who to tell about this.. and can’t explain, the entire conversation we had here.. I really hope this isn’t offensive to his grieving family and friends. Only to say, that he seemed happy to be there. (And We won the match)


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