Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Dart Charge account holders reminded to take action this weekend  

DART Charge account holders planning to use the Dartford Crossing this weekend are reminded that the automatic payment system for journeys will be unavailable because of improvements being made to the system. 

Starting from the 00:01 Friday 28 July until late Sunday 30 July, users will not be able to pay for crossings or access their Dart Charge accounts.  

Motorists using the crossing during this time will need to pay via the Dart Charge website or by calling Dart Charge on 0300 300 0120. 

To assist drivers Dart Charge have extended the timeframe for payments for until midnight 31 July. All crossings made between 27 July and 30 July must be paid by this date to avoid any penalty charges. 

National Highways apologise for any inconvenience caused during this maintenance period and deeply appreciate road users understanding as improvements are undertaken.  

Due to the introduction of new banking requirements, it will be essential for account holders, including Pay as You Go customers, to re-validate their payment cards following the weekend.  

Neglecting to act may result in crossings not being automatically paid due to invalid card payment details, potentially leading to a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

National Highways has dispatched direct communications and instructions, to those affected.  Previous communication stated this would be required on 28 July, but due to an extended maintenance window this will now not be possible until the service is re-opened on 30 July. 

As part of the improvements, a new Service Provider (Conduent) will become responsible for vehicle identification, payment processing and account management. Emovis will continue to issue and handle enquiries for Penalty Charge Notices.   

To keep our customers informed throughout this process, National Highways will be providing live updates through our social media channels. 

Anyone wanting to know more about the scheme, or for any help, can visit: 

  • Call 0300 300 0120 between 8am and 8pm, every day including weekends (textphone 18001 0300 300 0120). 


  1. Still can’t get in, been waiting to “be redirected to the website when your turn arrives” since 08:00. Been waiting for one hour 18 minutes and counting …

  2. still can’t get into web site waiting to be redirected for an hour and half and getting nowhere can’t get through on phone, absolutely ridiculous

  3. Absolute joke ! How did they really think everyone would be able to log in at the same time ! Been trying for 24hrs !

  4. Why wasn’t the new system working before dispersing of the old one first that woman who wag highly excited for the new system isn’t a motorist who used the Dartford Crossing and I wonder how she’s feeling now

  5. I have been trying to log in every time I tried to log in ,it’s says the password is wrong,so I requested for new one ,that also says wrong .so I have been on the phone ,I was 188 person on the phone and waited for 45 mns ,then I managed to speak to someone and he couldn’t help me.

  6. Ive been trying to access the system since Friday, tried logging in, phoning etc I do not appreciate the threatening communications

  7. Website and telephone not working this morning.
    No information for drivers on the situation!

  8. I’ve been on hold on the phone for 1hr 22 so far…. the website has allowed me onto my account but there is no option to verify your payment there.
    If they fine anyone for this weekend then there is no way that will stand up in court!

  9. I’ve been on since 7.45pm still not been transferred to website it’s now 10.16 and I can’t stay on any longer. This is a complete piss take. They should have cancelled all payments this weekend

  10. Should be scrapped as it’s not our fault. Taking too long with no success. Don’t want to pay a fine either

  11. When planning to improve the system you should make shaw that it can cope with customer s doing what they have been Asher to do which is revalidsye there method of payment

  12. Oh dear this is not a good idea I can not log into our account your lines have been engaged all morning, how can I validate the changes you require if I can’t get to speak to anyone or log in please/
    thank you.

  13. Have been trying for days and again today, very frustrating still not working. Not a word from the powers that be as to why this is and the consequences.

  14. Cant sign in to my account??
    Cant ring anyone – no ones answering phones??
    I have a fleet account – hoping we’ll not get fined if a few of my vans cross this morning!!!

  15. cant get into my account flee cars being used two hundred and fifty thousand crossings times eighty pounds curching dartford crossing

  16. Tony ….been trying for four hours to try and get through on the phone. Nothing been trying to organise my new payment can’t even get through on the website. Absolutely ridiculous

  17. Absolutely rubbish service, I have been trying to login in to personal account and business account and I cant do anything. I need to update payment details on my account but it wont allow me in to the accounts to do that. I have managed to get in a que on the phone but am currently number 246 and have already been on hold now for the past 32 minutes.

  18. The service is dreadful .you can’t get on to your account either. Tried calling since Friday evening and still nothing . There quick to give you a fine if you don’t pay on time.
    I was 237 until I got cut off thanks

  19. All the above comments are from today, I have been trying since Saturday 29th to pay, unable to use web site as not working and when I got through on the line was told 593rd in queue. What worries me is that vehicles are continuing using the toll road, so the backlog of drivers trying to pay increases every second

  20. I have been trying to get hold of someone since yesterday but the options wasn’t available and I subsequently was cut off. I am an account holder and whilst they have made recommendations for us to contact someone which has been extended until today, I am currently at work and 288 in the queue. The chances are that I will have to abandon my call as I have a job to do. Why did they not think to put enough call holders on to deal with the amount of thousands of call they were expecting. I will not pay a fine but will appeal it.

  21. Ridiculous. Cannot login cannot call anyone been waiting all morning to contact never get through.
    They should have managed this better.
    I better not gets fine. I have had account for years.

  22. Agree with all above. Been trying to get on all yesterday and today. Got an account but can’t get on

  23. A completely ludicrous situation. It is impossible to get into my account or contact anybody by ‘phone. There is no way that this company can fine current account holders bearing in mind their total mismanagement of the updating process.

  24. Totally agree with everything that has been said. They should have cancelled all charges until this was complete.

  25. Ive been trying all weekend and experiencing the same as everyone else. Not able to log in, phone number is constantly engaged. How are we expected to pay? I just hope we aren’t charged when we need to use it!! It’s an absolute joke.

  26. whats the point in asking me to phone or login on line if you cant get a reply or login to my account CANCIL ALL CROSSING PAYMENTS UNTILL YOU GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  27. whats the point in asking me to phone or login on line if you cant get a reply or login to my account CANCIL ALL CROSSING PAYMENTS UNTILL YOU GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  28. Absolute joke. Been trying to get on to the web and calling them for two days. Another useless government department. No doubt they will be efficient in sending you a fine for none payment

  29. Still can’t get on to the site to check my account – did a crossing today. My account is in credit – just let them dare to try issuing me with a PCN! This so called upgrade clearly hasn’t been thought through properly! Utter rubbish.

  30. Why couldn’t this all be set up before changing over as a company keeping track of vehicles is a joke as cant
    get through to pay dart charge been waiting 3 hours

  31. Same as everyone else, been ‘in line’ for over an hour, can’t get through on phone and cannot find how to log in to my account…. I won’t be paying the fine when I get one!! Absolute joke!!!!!

  32. Been trying to pay crossing since sat lines blocked and webs down. Hope they don’t try fine me

  33. Hi ,I am trying to Friday still waiting to pay .I did phone they said pay Monday ,phone and website no working

  34. Lines blocked and webs down no chance sorting this by dead line they gave / bet they try fine me

  35. I cannot get through on phone or through web – how can they expect people to update by end of today

  36. Been trying since early today. Day wasted.
    Have funds in our dart account but cant log in to add payment card details to their new system.
    If you set up a new system you take the brunt of issues & make it as seamless as possible for the customer.
    You don’t dump all of this on to who actually pays you.

  37. No way can I access my account, been trying for days. What a joke. The Company who run this operation should take training in management.

  38. Looks like we’re all in the same boat. They can’t fine us for their incompetence and faulty system. We all stand together if we do get fined. I certainly won’t be paying.

  39. Symptomatic of “Can’t do and NOT working from home Britain” What an embarrassment! We were asked to revalidate cards on Friday now it’s Monday and still impossible to get in to website. All fees should be cancelled until this company gets its act together. Government needs to get involved.

  40. Absolute joke of a system!! Many people have to work and don’t have hours to sit on a phone or online waiting to be able to activate our accounts, I certainly won’t be paying any fines due to the incompetence of this new company!!

  41. Have been trying to access my account, can’t log in. Have been trying to phone all day and can’t get through. What happens to the money already in my account?

  42. I am loosing the will to live!!
    Been trying since early this morning to log into my account without success, so I decided to try and call them to make a payment, only to be told by recorded message that I am number 150 in the queue, with a waiting time of one hour and twenty minutes.
    What a bunch of clowns these people are, they treat customer with contempt. I imagine they will be very quick to issue PCN’s

  43. Have been trying since Saturday to pay for journey through the tunnel Saturday 29th July. No internet access to the website and phone engaged all the time. This is disgusting as I am an account holder and have a £20 credit balance. I will not be paying a fine Disgusting to treat people like this I am an 80 year old lady and find it difficult enough with technology without all this hassle.

  44. Same issues as everyone else, tried payzone this morning but transaction failed. Eventually spoke to some after 40 mins wait to be told website is down and they can’t take any payments on phone. Said not to worry won’t get a fine and to try again in 2 days.

  45. Crossed on Friday and used my Tag thing so needed to check that my account, £30 in credit, deducted the crossing charge. Been trying since Friday afternoon. No movement on the website, I never seem to reach the front of the queue, and nobody answers the phone. Pathetic.

  46. Trying to log into my account which is in credit to find out if two crossing over weekend have been taken from the account.
    can’t see how you could be fined for not paying and being unable to contact Dart Charge when they are holding money in your account. it has to be their reasonability to take crossing amount from the account.

  47. Been trying all weekend to log in but can’t. My account is in credit. Hope it gets sorted very quickly as will be using it soon and don’t want a fine.

  48. I’d just like to login to my account, so where is the option to just ‘login’ to your account gone? Something tells me, this system wasn’t tested before implementation and that this has the making of a long running farce….

  49. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have tried to contact them by phone – which has been continually engaged except at 19.53hrs last night, when I was 230 odd in the queue! I have been taking screenshot’s of the website messages all through the day, from 07.00hrs this morning until 18.00hrs tonight and remain waiting to be redirected to the website when my turn arrives! As previously said I won’t be paying any PCN should I receive one. With £16 still in my account and one crossing to pay I’ll see them in court if pushed, it’s an absolute disgrace and shambles. Let’s hope people stick together and challenge these ‘clowns’ and show them up for what they really are!

  50. Complete admin disaster. Cannot log in and the phone lines are rejecting calls and you wait till the crack of doom for the web page to redirect you. If they can’t manage the system, they should either make the crossings free while the payment system has crashed or compensate customers for wasting their time. Someone needs the sack for incompetence!

  51. What a disaster. Let’s have the name of the person who is running this show so that we can vote him in as an MP.

  52. I need to pay Dartford toll but phone is engaged and held in a queue when trying via website.
    It would be good if we had more information as I cannot be responsible for waiting all day to pay.
    I did try on Sunday but was down.
    Anyone advise regards Richard.

  53. Been trying to pay since Friday still no joy and now it’s the 31st July. I give up. They can contact me if they want payment.

  54. I tried to pay the Dart Charge online and by phone with no success.
    I tried to complain but funny enough even for complaints you get the same message “You will be redirected to the website when your turn arrives.”
    So you not just cannot pay, but cannot complain either to make sure you have a record of trying to pay.

  55. Has anybody actually managed to get access to their account and actually pay or validate their bank card.
    Been trying to contact them by phone for a few days, just cannot hold on the phone for that long.

  56. Tried to log in to my account to validate my payment details as requested. System won’t let me to even get to my login page.

  57. Have been trying since yesterday evening…just get the ‘wheel of doom’ on my laptop and phone! What a joke…get as far as re validating my debit card and have now been waiting for the last four hours for transaction to complete!!!!

  58. Have been trying since yesterday evening…just get the ‘wheel of doom’ on my laptop and phone! What a joke…get as far as re validating my debit card and have now been waiting for the last four hours for transaction to complete!!!!

  59. Update- had been waiting to get directed to website for 2 hours 30 mins.
    Just got option to logon and appear to have successfully validated the bank card on account.

  60. Cannot check to see if payment has come out of my dart tag account. No answer on phones. Bloody farcical

  61. Still unable to access my account or change my account details been trying since Friday. What a nightmare .

  62. John Benn
    Similar to previous comments.
    Tried to login to my account on Friday 27th to re-validate my account payment card. Had crossed twice on Friday (once each way). Couldn’t log in.
    Tried Saturday couldn’t log in.
    Tried today Monday 31st having crossed twice (once each way), but couldn’t log in.
    Are payments going to be taken from my £20 credit?

  63. Like all the others comments – I too have been waiting to access my account and to pay for a crossing. Very stressful and worried about it but can’t contact anyone. Really don’t know what to do next.

  64. 22:15 only a 15 minute wait.
    Topped up and added new card details.
    Also made sure all my cars were still logged on the system

  65. Changed my account password as instructed. Still cannot log in with new details. Have changed my password three times now but still cannot log in. Wtf is going on???

  66. I’ve been able to log into my account but I don’t have payment information on it and will not be adding it. I want to control when I top up and how much.

    Every time I get on to the site for non account holders as advised it says I don’t have any crossings to pay for.

  67. I was finally able to revalidate and access my account late last night 31.7.23 but it does not show the crossing I made on Sunday 30th. Presume I still have to wait for the other part of the website to function to pay that as a one off. No way am I going to hang on the phone for hours! This whole switch over has been an absolute shambles. Minister for Transport should be asking for answers.

  68. We are a business and have an account that tops up automatically, I have been trying since Friday to validate the payment details but the service was not working, so did this yesterday but once validated could not move onto the next page!!! Therefore I do not know if this was accepted and no confirmation has been received!! As a business we have vehicles crossing almost every day and am worried the top up may not go through and hence fines!!!!!!
    Also emailed Dart Charge regarding this but of course no answer as yet so still in the dark.

    The phone line was showing engaged ALL DAY yesterday.

    Really bad service and totally inconsiderate for the amount we pay.

  69. I am an account holder and made a crossing twice and have been trying to make a crossing payment but it keeps telling me no crossing has been made. Could not get anyone to talk to. Called over 20 times in 2 days very frustrating.

  70. All this worry over payment of Dart charge is good for our mental health. I have had the problem’s with trying to validate my account, still can’t get in. I have to use the tunnel soon and worry about getting a fine if I’ve not paid.

  71. Is a bloody jock try to up date my account no joy you said you have contact people with accounts I have not receive any contact

  72. Trying to update my business account and just can’t get any further than the first page
    I have vehicles crossing daily and have no idea if I’m going to receive fines
    I have money on the account so I’m hoping my crossings are covered as can’t access the site
    So frustrating!!!!

  73. I have been trying to update my account but the line goes dead and so does the page – please tell me what I should do. I used the dartford crossing over the weekend and have an account but I gather i will be fined if i don’t update my details.

  74. Lucinda if you do find out please inform us on twitter as myself and a lot of people would like to know ass we’ve encountered the same problem with no information whatsoever comming from gov.ul

  75. Ditto to the above. Wasted some of my valuable Sunday trying to login and nowhere to login. Emailed twice got a reply with a reference number. Told to ring the 0300 number and greeted with a long unavailable tone. Rang the other number told it would be an 8 minute wait, waited over 30 minutes. Gave up. Emailed customer services (that’s a joke) explaining the above (again) and awaiting a reply. Jo Letchford

  76. Ditto to the above. Wasted some of my valuable Sunday trying to login and nowhere to login. Emailed twice got a reply with a reference number. Told to ring the 0300 number and greeted with a long unavailable tone. Rang the other number told it would be an 8 minute wait, waited over 30 minutes. Gave up. Emailed customer services (that’s a joke) explaining the above (again) and awaiting a reply. Jo Letchford
    Just tried to post comment and the message says I have already “said that”. That’s amazing as I have never used this website before?????????

  77. As at 11.09 on 1st August I still cannot access my account…Be nice if we got an update from Dart charge to let us know what is happening as the scheduled maintenance should be completed by now….

  78. What’s going on ? Can’t login can’t phone can’t top up account and can’t pay for crossing, is this just another money cow to fine as many motorists as they can because transport for london (sidique Khan ) need to top up their funds, Rip off the public again why don’t you, we don’t expect anything less from this greedy government

  79. I e received PCN from the 15th July even though I have an online account! Can’t get online, can’t get through on the phone and when I’ve tried to email it won’t accept that I don’t have, and shouldn’t need, supporting evidence!
    Honestly, what an absolute fiasco!

  80. Absolutely ridiculous another 3rd rate company causing havoc and undue stress.vThey should be held accountable

  81. Tried and tried. I put my Reg in and it says the wrong number back to me. 15 times so far … ugh!,,,,,
    Help!!! money in my account so what do I do ?……

  82. Tried and tried. I put my Reg in and it says the wrong number back to me. 15 times so far … ugh!,,,,,
    Help!!! money in my account so what do I do ?……
    Now it’s telling me I have already posted this and I haven’t

  83. WTF

    Same as everyone….have an account. Holding on the phone with 153 also on hold. Its a croc…..
    Internet down…..phones impossible to make contact.

    So how do we communicate???

    Frustrated but holding on!!!

  84. I now give up. Not waisting anymore time on This, it’s been days now with no explanation , gov sucks

  85. Why is there a permanent traffic jam going Kent to Essex for the best part of the last year? Doesn’t seem to be any issue just a constant traffic jam and then get charged for the privilege! I wish I was getting paid for this wasted time, would of made thousands.

  86. Neville Britton I’ve got a account with £17 credit, I’ve tried to contact Dartford crossing login account know joy ,phone dead not being answered, completely a shambles as every one is saying, we’re do they find these people from,it could be run better by school kids

  87. Been trying to access my dart account for 3 days.
    Held in a long queue for 30 to 40 minutes everytime I’ve called.
    Just told what options to press to pay fines etc.
    Unable to speak to a person about revaluation of my account.
    Then it just hangs up so have to redial with same outcome ffs
    It’s a joke.
    How many trying to log on to account will get fines

  88. Been trying to access my dart account for 3 days.
    Held in a long queue for 30 to 40 minutes everytime I’ve called.
    Just told what options to press to pay fines etc.
    Unable to speak to a person about revaluation of my account.
    Then it just hangs up so have to redial with same outcome ffs
    It’s a joke.
    How many trying to log on to account will get fines

  89. Have gone on to check how much on my dart charge and to top up as will be using the crossing next week, can’t even find the sign in to account option to check my account its not on the page, dripping ridiculous

  90. Same here been trying looking at a message about queue, but no time of wait. Only just checked it again 5 minutes ago… what a complete mess up!! Modern technology, it’s laughable……not easier at all from my point of view

  91. What is going on I have not been able to log into my account for over a week to make instructed adjustments. There is now no facility to do it what a shambles and causing people unnecessary stress. Make this crossing free of charge the users deserve it in the light of how inefficient it is in crossing the river going anticlockwise. Enough is enough. Disgusted.

  92. Been trying to login to my account since the 20th July 2023 and it cannot find my account. Email via their system to be advised that they can’t find my account either! Probably have at least £15 credit, although can’t say exactly as I don’t normally login to check. Very convenient to not be able to find my account!!!!!

  93. I spoke to someone earlier this afternoon having rang the new phone number 11 times was told that until every crossing transfers overs to the new system they aren’t taking payments so going to check again tomorrow afternoon, they should have given drivers a free pass for a week to let everything bed in

  94. I have tried severally to log into my account and update my payment details but to no avail. You must not fine any willing custo.er who have tried to make payment but your website and phone numbers are unreasonable. I have proof and screenshot. You guys are operating like gangsters.

  95. Been trying to revalidate card details for 2 days now. Can’t even see how to log onto existing account. Surely toll charges etc need to be suspended until this wholly unacceptable chaos is sorted.

  96. Can’t login. Ridiculous! Changed password successfully. Still won’t let me log in.

    You better not try to fine us for your big mistake dart charge!

  97. I can’t check how much I have left because I can’t login. Requested a new password and still can’t login, can’t get through to anyone on the phone. What the hell are we supposed to do?

  98. Still can’t log into account this morning to revalidate my payment details, also need to add new vehicle to account, how do I do it before I travel as not been able to get thru since Friday

  99. Why the hell can I not login into my account to revalidate my payment details. . !!!! This is ridiculous. !!!! They should give account holders access therefore easing up the phone calls for those who need to call to make payment.

  100. Still can’t access my account do this mean we can use crossing for free have money on my account but not sure how much. Can’t get through on phone either says waiting time is under 5 minutes that’s a joke. What do we do.

  101. This is ridiculous, cannot sign in , changed password and still not recognised … sold the service to the highest bidder or cheapest provider who is prepared or cab able to handle the system. Stick the old cash machines back in ! Far more easier

  102. The person who is responsible for this shambles deserves to be fired. Who is going to pay me for all the wasted time. Not able to sign in to my account to revalidate payment, can’t check payments that may be owed because registration not recognised. Even tried to create new account and it let me but then said my car is already registered. This is scandalous !

  103. Bloody shambles, gave up waiting, had looked on every page to put my account number in, f…. all. Join a queue… blx, wait for them to come to me for money, at least then I can let rip at this lot

  104. Are the new providers trying to rip off customers money with those who has a credit with Dart Charge? It is a shamble transferring this service to the new provider! It causes a lot of unnecessary stress to people.

  105. I have been trying to log in to top up my account for I have tried evert day this passed week.I sent an email with my account number asking for advice I have only £8 left on my account. I tried ringing and when it got to options it cut me off , I have had a enough it is up to you now to get in touch with me because if you try to fine me for not paying I will see you in court.

  106. Sent 3 emails, left two messages and was promised call back from managers. Only want to renew residents tag, documents sent over two weeks ago. Feel like they want to charge residents for full price and don’t want to action anything. Total farce, charges for tunnel and bridge should be scrapped. Never should have been a toll, bridge and tunnel well paid for now. Just a money making scheme for the government. Local residents have to put up with pollution, traffic near enough most days backing into local roads.

    Sort out your customer service and employ more staff.

  107. Local resident who has historic account which you’ve deleted. Trying to set it up again but website on a loop when I load my proof up your site crashes. I’m obviously not meant to use your bridge!

  108. Been trying to revalidate card for 7 days now. Get as far as choosing the card i want to use, then just a blue circle going around for hours. How painful is this!!!

  109. What an absolute JOKE of a site and a joke of a company running this shower of sh*te! Seriously, could this have gone ANY WORSE?

  110. I have been trying to revalidate my card since this farce started, dozens of times I get as far as confirming the card I want to use, then just a blue circle going around for hours.
    Why is there no status report from the shower who are supposed to be running this fiasco.
    Maybe this is why GB is not GB anymore!!!!!

  111. I think I will just give up on trying to get this sorted. Been on phone in a que for over an hour so hung up. TOTAL JOKE. Plus website says my password or email is incorrect. It’s been the same password and email for the last 9 years since it first started so I know MY DETAILS ARE CORRECT. Think I will just start using the Blackwall tunnel and keep my money until this total government farce is sorted. I have better thinks to spend my time doing

  112. Abysmal customer service – the system won’t let me validate my card and unable to get through on the phone to try and resolve. Disgraceful !!!!!!

  113. Yet another example when civil servants get involved with systems, a shambolic waste of taxpayers money, these idiots should have their golden pensions withdrawn

  114. I am overseas but the car on my account is using the crossing. I have tried to log in unsuccessfully and now on hold for over 30 minutes. Very frustrating.

  115. Your web site is completely useless and there is no provision on it for updating or revalidating my card . I have spent a further 23 minutes 34 seconds listening to the MOST mournful music waiting for some form of human, contact . I give up . Why ask people to re register anyway when you already hold everybody’s card details .

  116. This is ridiculous
    I have been trying to update my details and it keeps getting rejected. I have had to buy 2 crossing online and was late making the payment. I will not be paying any penalty for this I hope as like a lot of people here you do not awnser the phones to us and your site will not let us update our payment details. Sort this please.







  118. Have given up trying. Too frustrating on every level. Have been informed that £10 has been taken from my bank account and paid into Dart account. Didn’t authorise this. Don’t want £18 credit in my account as don’t intend using crossing again. Tried to send request for refund but not delivered. Can’t get to my account on line either. Daylight robbery. PLEASE refund ASAP Sheila Hawkins. Doubt this will ever get anywhere!

  119. Still not able to get onto the login page to log into my account to update my details some thing really needs to be done about this it’s been the like this since you changed company’s


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