Art at Belhus Chase School

THE level of artistic talent on show at Belhus Chase School is outstanding. We could do no more than let the work speak for itself as the camera panned across the work from various age groups in the school.

Ascend Base: Nathan Hunnisett

THE Ascend Base has been one of the greatest triumphs for Thurrock education. Before it was started, many pupils with social, emotional and behavioural needs had to be taxi’d out as far as Sussex. Nathan charts the history of the Base, the challenges and the successes of the Base so far.

Belhus Head: Tess Walker: Academy Status

MRS WALKER must visit the gleaming educational cathedral that is Gateway Academy and hope that one day, Belhus Chase will look like that. Hope is turning to reality, slowly but surely. YourThurrock spoke to Tess Walker about the plans and hopes for the school. We also asked her about how the school is now gearing […]